Fish village | CCC's Street Art Contest #190

Hello, friends.
There is an area in the city of Kaliningrad called “Fish Village”. This area is located on Oktyabrsky Island (formerly Lomse Island), on the site where the large fish market of Königsberg used to be located. The “Fish Village” area is built up with modern buildings in an architectural style that imitates the pre-war image of the city of Königsberg. But this is precisely an image created for tourists, and not a historical reconstruction; such buildings have never existed on this site before.

At the end of the information center building there is graffiti depicting a medieval port city.

“Fish Village” is one of the most tourist places in Kaliningrad. There are restaurants, a museum, and hotels here. The embankment has berths for tourist boats where you can take a tour along the Pregola River and explore the city from the water.

The first photo was submitted for participation in CCC's Street Art Contest #190 by @digi-me
The last photo submitted for participation in PhotoFeed Contest - Cityscape Photography Round 72 by @photofeed
Camera: Samsung Galaxy A10
Location: Kaliningrad
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