Street Art #336 Johnny Crap & DFEK, Montreal

In this cold season for Street Art (and Humans too... I understand why bears prefer to hibernate in winter πŸ˜€) I stay at home sorting the photos taken during last summer / fall while sipping a beer. Last fall, I found this stunning mural (always have a camera on you), a collaboration between Johnny Crap and DFEK. Being a fan of the first Star Wars trilogy (IV, V, VI), just perfect for me, I had the music in my head all day long after :

495  DFEK  Johnny Crap sur MarieAnne.jpg

Right, Dark Vador done by Johnny Crap and left done by DFEK



Corner of Marie-Anne and Rivard Street, Montreal, Canada.


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Johnny Crap

Jonathan Bergeron aka Johnny Crap aka Zen is a painter, illustrator, street artist who lives in Montreal. He mainly illustrates imaginary scenes including animals and skulls. His characters are both frightening and poetic, thanks to the presence of natural figurative elements that soften the entire composition. And he is huge movie's fan and of Star Wars as you can see with this Dark Vador and on his website :

496  Johnny Crap sur MarieAnne.jpg

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A lot of posts about works done by DFEK the last weeks. But when there is quality, why deprive yourself of it? πŸ˜€

497  DFEK sur MarieAnne.jpg

Based in Montreal, DFEK is a street-art and writer marking Montreal's walls with his unique style, full of movements and colors. He's a pioneer of the StreetArt in Montreal walking the streets for over 20 years, a pioneer like Stack, Zeck and Shock. He's member of the 156 AllStarz international crew.

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  • 2020.



Johnny Crap
Mural Festival

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