STREET ART #92 – The latest addition to the street art scene in Kristiansand (Norway)


All the tours around and in the city does provide an opportunity to see new art. Here is a small selection of some of what I have come across during the winter and spring this year.

A long time ago, I posted some graffiti from Samsen, a disused slaughterhouse that has been transormed into a culture house. Many artists have a studio in the building. Some of them have also decorated the walls outside. One of the walls has these children portraits. They are painted by the same artist and signed RAMP. Unfortunately, the building has been under renovation for so long that the one on the left has been covered with materials. Now they have finally moved all of that making it possible to see both paintings.

In the square in the center of Kristiansand, Quirky Mouse has made this. It's really small, but painted on a power box outside a cafe. She is one of the young artist I got to know last year, just after lock down. Since then she has been active with quite a few corona related graffiti in town.

This beautiful ballerina is brand new in. The artist is Martin Whatson. The signature is in the bottom corner, so I did not get it in the picture. The very detailed and colorful skirt is one of his characteristics. He has also helped create a street scene inside one of the hotels in the city. Same style. Because of. covid-19 the hotel has been closed, so I have only seen some of the art from the outside and through the windows. He is a Norwegian artist who has worked with street-inspired art all the way back to the 90's. That was when graffiti was underground in Oslo, and not recognized as an art form. Today he is a renowned artist and who has exhibited his art all over the world.

Terje Anderesen is the artist behind this mural. It's found outside town, in one of the districts I don't visit often. It was therefore completely coincidental that I came by. In that same district he did the «The Escape».

Yesterday I went for a walk on the island of Odderøya. There is especially one house that is popular among street artists. It keeps beeing repainted. This time one of the walls has changed with new graffiti and this portrait which is half bird and half human. It is signed by Crooked Octopus. An artist I don't know too much about, but I have seen a few portraits signed with this signature.

This doesn't need any introduction. I think we have seen this image many times. The sculpture is also found on Odderøya and I have seen it before. But only on a distance. Never really got close to it. Yesterday I did. Now I could see the wind makes it turn around!

If you like to see more work from Martin Whatson:

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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