New mural in Oviedo. Sustain (Dimitris Taxis). CCC's Street Art Contest #120

Photography submitted to the contest

I am very pleased to write to you and participate again in an edition of CCC`s Street Art Contest that @digi-me organizes every week.

CCC`s Street Art Contest Round 120

Dear friends, in my participation this week I would like to introduce you to a new mural that has been recently painted in the city of Oviedo by the Greek muralist Dimitris Taxis.

The discovery of this mural was totally by chance for me. At the end of October, I spent 2 days doing administrative work in the office of the company I work for in Oviedo. Therefore, I stayed overnight in the apartment I have rented in the center of the city. After leaving work, I went out for my walk around the city, but this time I decided to change my routine and went to a neighborhood that I do not usually visit much, but in which I had seen on Google Maps that there were several murals that I will present in the coming weeks.

When I was finished my tour, I approached a last mural that appeared in the mobile application, which is currently in poor condition due to moisture and because some people decided to paint over the original mural as you can see in the picture.

However, from the previous mural when I turned my head to the left side I noticed the mural that I present to you for the contest and that was not in other occasions that I had passed through this area.

The mural is located in a high area of the school Lorenzo Novo Mier (Calle Dr. Melquiades Cabal, 6, 33011 Oviedo, Asturias) and represents numerous tricycles on one of the facades and on the adjacent facade a child pedaling on a tricycle looking backwards.

As you can see on the cover of the child riding the tricycle, the work is signed in 2022 by the artist Taxis.

From this information, I was researching about the artist and found that this mural was painted in mid-October for the celebration of the festival of contextual muralism in the city of Oviedo. Four muralists were invited to this festival (Mariana Duarte from Lisbon-Portugal, Nieve Sita from Oviedo-Spain, Samir Toumi from Casablanca-Morocco and Dimitros Taxis from Athens-Greece).


As it was a contextual muralism and as it was a school façade, the one chosen for Dimitros Taxis, the theme proposed for this space was that of children's games or toys. Therefore, the use of tricycles for the elaboration of the mural was very appropriate. Who has not had a tricycle when he was a child?

As for the artist, according to the information provided by the festival's website, he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He has been involved with graffiti, muralism and graphic art in the development of comics since 1997. I leave you a link to the artist's biographical information and also his Instagram link where he shows his latest works. I have started to follow him on Instagram, in case he comes back to create some urban artwork in some of the cities I usually visit throughout the year in Spain and Portugal.

Taxis Paradesfest

Taxis Instragram

I hope you like my contribution to the contest.

Finally, I want to thank the support to this contest given by @trincowski, @heroldius, @melinda010100, @ecency, @tobetada and @arcange.


Own photograph taken with my Iphone SE.

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