CCC's Street Art Contest #63 - Make a wish

Created by Marg, Wunste, Wuperg

Make a wish, made in 2016 location Savamala, Belgrade

If you find yourself on the road to Savamala, you will hardly miss this mural. Turquoise blue in combination with purple creates such a contrast. Vivid details will catch your eye.
The pillar that holds the bridge, over which thousands of people pass daily, the promenade, which is also well known by a large number of people, allows this work of art to be truly seen.


Next to it is a place to sit, although there is a lot of noise due to tram traffic, very often I take a coffee break myself. Colors always lift the mood, and I have enough time to think about how much time and patience the artist needed to paint this. At the same time, this is also one of the best places for young people to pose and take selfies.


From afar.

I tried to find more information about the artist, but without success, the signature is all I have for now.

Thank you all for your time and interest in what I do 🙌

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