Vending Machines of Thailand! Part Four (6 photos)

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If there is a country we can crown the king of vending machines, it would probably be Japan, but Thailand may be a close second. I was walking around the streets of Bangkok not too long ago and I was thinking to myself....really an entire vending machine devoted to soy milk?

Then next to it I could get my body mass index checked. Than I recall the coin operated gas pumps I've see all over Krabi Province in the south. There it was again, 7-11 behind glass, will that be cash or credit?

How about some fresh squeezed orange juice? Need to refill your bottle of water for 3 cents? You didn't just run out of minutes on your cell phone did you? 75% Alcohol hand gel anyone? You don't want to catch that virus! Wait a minute, lets see if my diet is working, nope, still weighing in at 85 kilos.

At this point I was thinking I've got to do some blog posts on this. Show the rest of the world what they're missing out on.....Unless of course you're from Japan where you can get a bowl of hot udong noodle soup with a side of edible panties out of the same machine!

Oh the convenience of a vending machine. From a bag of chips to an emergency condom. Now come along and lets go on a cultural trip, complimentary of the vending machines in Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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