Travel Pro Places of Interest #240: Doi Pui Hilltribe, Thailand! Part Fifteen (9 photos)

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Ever feel like taking a trip back in time? A visit to the Doi Pui Hilltribe will have you feeling like that is exactly what you just did. Located seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Northern Thailand; it's a photographers dreams location. I certainly had an amazing time capturing as much as I could during my day trip to this amazing place.

Not only does the Hilltribe offer an amazing afternoon, but for motorbike enthusiasts it offers a fun and beautiful ride 20 kilometers up Doi Suthep Mountain immediately west of the Chiang Mai City. With very little traffic and newly paved roads, the ride through the mountains is every bit as thrilling as the destination itself. Just be careful and keep you helmet on!

On your way you will leave the valley area of Chiang Mai and as you head up the mountain every few minutes you may start to feel the temperature drop a degree or two. Suddenly you may find yourself above the clouds and by the time you arrive at Doi Poi you may have your jacket on if you were smart enough to bring one.

The first thing you notice when you get there is the village vibe. Seems like everyone knows each other and they probably do. The layout of the streets, and the market area look more like they were made for foot traffic more than anything else.

People all around are wearing traditional clothing with traditional Hilltribe Colors. Children playing randomly all over the place where the supervision is the village itself. The buildings and over all look of the place is the complete opposite of modern, their may have been one building that looked like something built this century.

Tourism is still the main way people make money in this village. They produce all sorts of products, but my favorite was paying 10 baht (33 cents) to shoot the traditional hand made crossbows at hanging fruit. The crossbows were impressively powerful and accurate, and certainly strong enough to take down a decent size animal.

At Doi Poi Hilltibe you find yourself immersed in nature, gardens, history, culture, along with welcoming locals who greet you with a smile on their face. Words really do not do enough to describe this place so lets have a closer look in this extensive photo series of Doi Poi Hilltribe in Chiang Mai Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

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