Travel Pro Places of Interest #239: Small Town Market in Northern Thailand! Part One (10 photos)

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Not too long ago I was going on one of my motorbike adventures outside the City of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand; and then, there it was! A totally random market in a totally random town that we happened to be traveling through. It must have been my lucky day as I was there in the right place at the right time. This market is one of those once a week Sunday evening kind of affairs.

Being a huge fan of all things life and culture; I was thrilled to get a sample of how things are done in a small local town in Northern Thailand. Earlier in the day I was hiking in a nearby mountain with my friend so this was also perfect as there was some prepared food that looked good and fresh as well.

We chose a simple noodle dish. Well, as you'll see in the photos there were several noodles dishes on display. I recognized the style and portion from a market in the city and was prepared and expecting to pay a whopping 60 cents (20 Thai baht) for a plate. She handed me my noodles and to my surprise said "Ship Baht" which means 10 baht or 30 cents USD. I turned to my friend and was like "Wow! You know how many noodles dishes you can get with one bitcoin? Like a hundred billion!" She was like "Wow!" and I was like "Yep, that's right!" And we enjoyed our noodles.

After that we dove into one of my other hobbies and that's taking photos for you! Now come along and lets have a look around in this relatively short "Places of Interest" photo series of a totally random market in the middle of nowhere Northern Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

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