Travel Pro Places of Interest #237: Mueng Mai Market in Chiang Mai Thailand! Part One (9 photos)

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You've got a restaurant in Chiang Mai? Then this is the place to go shopping. You've got a kitchen in Chaing Mai? This is still the place to go. You have a little gas lit stove and a crusty frying pan you use to cook out of your hotel room? Yep that's right come to Mueng Mai Market and you will not be disappointed.

My first time at this market was about 15 years ago when I first came to Chiang Mai. It was a little weird being back cause everything had that fuzzy distant memory feeling. Like hey, feels like I've been here before, oh yeah, that's right I have, just a long-ass time ago!

I can proudly state that not all that much has changed. Just a lot of people wearing face masks down around their chin and making believe this market is not a breading ground for all sorts of germs.

Since my travel has been hampered by the virus, I've slowed my roll and have been staying in Chiang Mai for a while. A real gem of a small city to set yourself up in. This market is one of the reasons why; it's the biggest and best Thai open air market in maybe all of Northern Thailand. they have the best selection by far and the best prices.

Come here with a twenty dollar bill and you'll be set with fruit and produce for a month! And we are talking top quality, and depending on the season you can get some amazing fruit that will have you asking where have you been all my life?

In all honesty I would say sanitary conditions have improved over the years and there may be a few stalls here in which I would buy meat from, but I don't. I just get fruit and vegetables at this market. That is kind of my rule when traveling through countries like Thailand, buy produce at these markets, top quality and rock bottom prices; get meat at the western style supermarkets, which there are plenty of in Chiang Mai. They are often next to the Gucci store in the big shopping malls.

Another thing I love about this market is that it is raw! It is old school! It is sights, sounds, colors, and excitement! It is how things have been for a long long time! It is food and culture mixed into one; and it's a great place to take some photos! Now come a long lets check out the Mueng Mai Market in Chiang Mai Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

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