Announcing the TravelFeed Community Revival

There's a little corner of the Internet that deserves some more attention. A space in which nomads, photographers, and travel-inspired individuals come together to share their stories of wander. Here at TravelFeed, we firmly believe that this little corner should no longer remain little. And with that, we are happy to announce the revival of the TravelFeed community on Hive!

Any travel-related content is welcome in our friendly TravelFeed community - be it long travel blogs or short-form content. If you are already posting through, there's nothing that needs to be done on your end. Here is a small list on what these changes mean for us all:

  1. Community contests (tba) in which our users can earn money (HBD).
  2. Improved curation and engagement with the posts within our ecosystem.
  3. Posts on our front-end will by default choose the TravelFeed community on Hive. This can be changed if you feel a different community best fits your post.
  4. We will upvote posts as well as comments made from any Hive frontends to the TravelFeed community. Even higher rewards are reserved for posts made through as part of our regular curation.

We're all very excited to see the community flourish again, finding new ways to support you and see where you all end up! If you happen to have any questions, you can always comment in the comment section, or contact us in our Discord server.

What is Hive?

If you happen to be one of our TravelFeed users who isn't entirely aware of Hive, we refer you to this link which will inform you all about the Hive blockchain and how to get started! Hive is an optional integration in TravelFeed, but if you are looking to grow your audience and for an easy way to monetize your travel blog, we recommend you look into it and connect your Hive account to TravelFeed.

What is TravelFeed?

And if you are a Hive user who loves to travel and who is not yet aware of TravelFeed: We have been around to support travel bloggers for over 6 years. We started as a curation project and meanwhile, we have our own dApp at - a platform optimised for posting beautiful travel blogs to Hive while maximising your rewards. We do not charge beneficiary fees and curate all posts.

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