Great to be here

My name is Alberto , I live in the community of Madrid in Spain and I am 41 years old.

My passions and hobbies:

My main passions are outdoor sports, I like everything that has to do with nature.

One of my main sports is whitewater; I love going through rivers and whitewater rapids flowing with nature and merging with the environment...

After this... climbing, mountaineering and MTB are other activities that I practice and that in the end everything is summed up in a single objective, the passion to travel, to know nature and all the corners that surround us.

Why have I registered in this community?

For a long time I have been trying to take care of my presence on the Internet, I am trying to find alternatives that keep me away from the large electronic corporations and centralized networks ; I want to take care of my privacy a little and the massive exploitation of ads ; so in that search I started reading about web 3.0 and its decentralized applications governed by the users , and that is how I got to know some YouTube videos that mentioned some crypto blogging platforms including this amazing hive platform.....

What can I contribute to hive?

My total sincerity, my support for the network, collaboration and my content

My total sincerity, voting for relevant and real content that makes the community a quality network.

My support for the network and my collaboration, contributing to the dissemination of the communities and content that are shared here.
My content, creating quality content and knowledge to spread it on this network.

I hope I have fulfilled this presentation , the first objective to be accepted in the community and to thank those people from hive who selflessly and without knowing me have guided me to follow these steps..

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