Futuroscope, the magic of an amusement park on your future vacation, near Paris-France.

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If you want to enjoy an extraordinary trip as a family where the latest technologies are mixed in the form of the most amazing audiovisual projections, with fun, excitement and adventure.

This spectacular theme park, called the Futuroscope city of science, opened its doors in 1987. Located in Poitiers, halfway between Bordeaux and Paris, it is an original and different park. Where you will find a world of experiences based on the concept of intelligent leisure, where learning and fun come together.

Giant images, attractions with strong sensations, live shows, endless experiences to live that will take you to imaginary stories, that will make you travel in time, discover new emotions and explore the world in a different way.

The attractions are based on techniques, on the integration of robots and other advances, on the cinema and other multimedia elements such as simulators. There is certainly a futuristic orientation, but under the French perspective, closer to humanism and future progress.

Attractions and shows in the park.

Several buildings are the benchmark for Futuroscope. Architecture and its relationship with science, technological advances and ecology are essential in this complex. One of the scientific attractions is the eco-sustainable house and the majority. The first building was the Pavillon du Futuroscope, a revolutionary work, where the prism that forms the main body is broken by a large white sphere.

The main attractions are: The Extraordinary Journey or L'Extraordinaire Voyage, it is the attraction that for me, more sensations and emotions will make you feel, like a great variety of different films with their themes, an attraction for many is dancing with robots and Futuropolis, which is the small world of the future dedicated to the smallest of the house, here you will find everything you need to continue the fun in the park but also adults can take part in the activities such as pedaling the artificial lake and at the end of the day there is a beautiful show of lights and colors. The tickets are quite supportive

Audio guides.

For people who do not speak French there is a system of simultaneous translation of the sound and the soundtrack of the attractions by means of an audio guide. It exists in English and Spanish. It is free, you only have to leave your ID or passport

Marking of vehicular parkingMarking of vehicular parking

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