Driving over the St Bernardo pass

It is not every day that you get a chance to take a mountainpas to cross a border. I happen to like mountains and all of the views that come with them.

The initial road started around Chambery which is in the Northern French Alps. The area of Chambery is actually quite beautiful as you have a lot of lakes here including the Lac d'Aiglebelette and the Lac du Bourges which is awesome for sailing and stuff.

But most people know Chambery as one of the last cities in the French Alps before the enter their skiing resort.


Following Chambery you really enter the mountains towards Moutiers and afterwards Bourg Saint Maurice is the last town before the mountains take over.

This region I have spent a great deal of snowy weeks over the years but it was strange to see it all by day. And so much more pretty also. Everything was green and the people were happily moving along. It felt comfy!

From here on you have the choice to go over the Col d'Iseran which a lot of people know from cycling in Val d'Isere, or you can bende away to La Rosière.


As you see La Rosière is truly a skiing resort and it is connected to La Thuile which is in Italy as a combo deal. Skiing over the border every day. I haven't had the privilege of skiing here but it has always been on the list for sure.

The views going over a mountain pass. That is what you do it for. That is why you drive over these things. To get the incredible sights to see in the distance, with different cities and different weather types.

This was taken from in the car driving up. Not a bad thing to make a stop here and there!


This is the view of Bourg Saint Maurice with in the background the mountain from the Les Arcs skiing area. And it went sooooo much higher than here!

Going further up I even saw some snow on the side of the road. Even though it was like 15 degrees Celsius outside the snow hasn't melted all year because it was in the shadow.

Nature is such a cool thing!


Later on the dog and I went for a walk on the pass where there were actually a lot of mountain trails. I didnt feel like hiking totally up but just a small walk is never a bad thing. The result was the first picture up above. I guess the animal was having a really good time hehe.

Snow and edelweiss flowers sceneries were the actual sights.!

On the other side of the pass entering Italy there was a steep way down with on the other side sights of the Mont Blanc.

As you know mountains attract clouds and rain and this was also the deal here. More than often there is a big cloud hanging around the Mont Blanc. But still...this is a damn impressive mountain with its almost 5Km height.


Driving over mountain passes. It never gets old and is the perfect thing to do when the weather doesn't permit you to swim in lakes all day.

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