Madrid artistic destination: the snowy Crystal Palace

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The Crystal Palace is part of a monumental natural, historical, artistic and cultural complex, located in the heart of Madrid: the Retiro Park.

Work of the architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco - curiously, his surname coincides with the nickname of the great Flemish 'devil painter', Hieronimus Bosch - it was built in 1887, coinciding with the Philippine Islands Exhibition, highlighting the materials used, iron and glass, which give it, in addition to its charming neo-classical mansion shape, a deep and diaphanous luminosity.

The Palace, used today as an exhibition center and cultural activities, like the neighboring Casa de Velázquez, is located next to the shore of a small and suggestive lake, whose cypress trees are water offer an attractive spectacle, especially seen with the ocher colors of autumn, which give it a look of fantastic unreality.

On the other hand, there are various species of birds, especially webbed ones, that frequent its waters and its banks, as well as the abundant colony of abandoned turtles, which have found here, however, a quiet and ideal habitat to live.

Through the huge windows of the Palace, you can still see the exhibition of the Kosovar artist Petrit Halilaj, a work understood as a reflection of compromise and the diversity of forms, passions and understandings of something so beautiful but at the same time so subjective, such as it is Love in all the extension of its word.

Without being Madrid an area frequented by heavy snowfalls, this year the passage of the storm Filomena has, however, caused historical rainfall and rarely will we be able to appreciate this magnificent place with the added beauty of the snow, which gives it, without room for doubts, a poetically wintry look.

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