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(Hulugan Falls)

There was this time when my few friends (Kate and Claid) and I were in a break from our lives (stopped working for few months) and one day, we just decided to be adventurous the next day.

We saw some itineraries on how to go to waterfalls in Laguna in DIY Philippines group in Facebook and we were in the mood to try it ourselves.

The weather that time was not very good for some hiking although it wasn't that bad as well to not go so we pushed through and started our tour.

We came from Cavite and we knew there's a van going to Laguna that could take us to these waterfalls which is our destination.

In this trip, we went to three different waterfalls:

  • Talay Falls
  • Hidden Falls
  • Hulugan Falls

These waterfalls are just close to each other which you will pass by the 2 first waterfalls if you are going to Hulugan Falls.

The first one is the Talay Falls:

It's just a small waterfall that you'll just appreciate it's beauty and not the kind of waterfall which will entice you to take a dip on it.

The second is Hidden Falls:

I was already satisfied when I saw this as it is so active that the current is strong enough to hear it from afar.
If you go here, the trek was not that hard and you won't see it right away even if you can already here it as to why it was called "Hidden" Falls.

The finale was the Hulugan Falls:

This is the legit waterfall that I wanted to see. You may already know how much of a fan I am of waterfalls and this one for sure is something that I could recommend to others.

Our guide said that when we came there, it wasn't the season yet where you'll see more water on the falls. And we checked it out after going there that there are other photos in the internet that are better from our view that time but it wasn't that bad right? I mean, look how magnificient it was when it wasn't in season yet.

To see how beautiful the falls live, you could check out the video below:

We spent most of our time here and it was just nice to be one with nature again.

Look how fun and happy we were when we went to this great Hulugan falls:

After our trek going back, there's this place where the barangay captain lives that time where you can take a quick shower to clean up. It's just 10 or 20 PHP to use the shower.

This was us after washing up!

It was very tiring yet fulfilling as well to be back and see some natural places which we could not see on our daily lives specially if you live in the city.
I would totally recommend this to everyone and I hope I could get back some day here.

How To Get There (via Commute from Cavite):

Jeep: Trece Martirez - Pala-Pala
Van: Pala-Pala - Sta. Cruz
Jeep: Sta. Cruz - San Salvador
Tricycle: San Salvador - Tourism Office - Jump-off Point

This tour happened last August 2017 but I checked on some blogs as well that this is what their route was back then. You can check out this blog below for more information:

4 Laguna Waterfalls for Less than P1000: Hulugan, Cavinti Falls & More

Laguna, Philippines
Photos and videos are all mine
Photos and videos were taken using iPhone 7

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