One Year VANniversary

Today (September 25th) marks one whole year of living in our van full time! A full 365 days!

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To say it has been easy would be a lie, but I can say it has definitely been an adventure!
And to say that I'm shocked that the van survived (or myself for that matter) is an understatement! It is quite old (almost 30yo!) and despite losing our brakes in New Brunswick there haven't been many other issues (fingers and toes crossed!)

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Despite there being a pandemic (have you heard?!) we were still extremely lucky to have seen as much of Canada as we have. We got a bit stuck in Saskatchewan with the lockdowns, and missed out on seeing half of the provinces, but we eventually made it to Atlantic Canada where we have been exploring for the last few months and loving it! (you can read about some of our Atlantic adventures here, here and here).


In celebration of one year of living in a shoe box we will be having a cheese platter and drinking locally made cider on a beach on Prince Edward Island.

Fingers crossed the US land border opens soon so we can head south for the winter and spend the next year exploring the USA. We are definitely not prepared to winter in Canada again haha!

All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Bree Plater and Ryan Sault unless stated otherwise.

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