Sitting in a Frozen Lake for Five Minutes - seriously, I have pictures

Sometimes the best way to cover the cultures of the world is to jump right in. Yesterday afternoon, I sat in frozen Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.

ice dip.jpg

I know. Even for Minnesotans, this is taking things up a notch. There was just something about the thrill and the reported health benefits (but mostly the thrill) that got me interested in this practice starting last year.

Consider this to also be a phenomenon born out of the enhanced connectivity of the internet, where even the most niche of activities can somehow seem normal with a large enough community.

There was also an in-person community out there on the lake--though mostly for gawking. Fine by me, because the energy of onlookers helps motivate one to maintain the task at hand--which me and friends did for five straight minutes.

Here are the Steps:

  1. Get out onto the lake (which is half the battle) and disrobe.
  2. Then, withstanding all senses telling you otherwise, get out there without shoes through the slush, and descend into the frigid water.
  3. Further descend. And get zen.
  4. When your time is up, get out.
  5. Then get dry, get dressed, and get someplace warm.

Want to learn more about this extreme practice? Here you go:

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