Wrestling Organization Online giveaway ~ 90

The winner of the draw was @vaynard86

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Since I love giveaways and I love Hive Games, today I'm going to start a new one that I hope you like and last a long time.

The objective is to publicize the new Wrestling Organization Online game.

Whats the game about?

Quoting his own words we will say that "Wrestling Organization Online is a Play-To-Earn business management game where players can build their own wrestling organization by acquiring wrestlers, venue types, and forming competitions to earn more game assets and $WOO token."

What do we draw?

20 WOO token, which is the utility token of the game that allows you to pay within the game and carry out all kinds of procedures

Where can I get it?

In this giveaway of course and at https://hive-engine.com/trade/WOO

How to earn more Woo Token?

  • Compete against others in ranked matches with increasing difficulty
  • Buy land and establish a base of operations and collect fees for shows held in your area
  • Join other wrestling organizations to create a promotion
  • Participate in tournaments and special events to win championship titles.
  • Bet the game token $WOO
  • Upgrade fighters for sale or rent in a market

You want to know more?

Visit his website https://wrestlingorganizationonline.com/

The draw

Rules of participation in the draw:

Follow me, to be aware of all the draws
Leave a comment with your name with @
The giveaway is active until the next publication.
Double your chances if you share Lolz or Alive in the comments.

Others awards:

I will distribute Pizza, Lolz, Alive, Luv and other tokens to the participants

If you want to be tagged request it in the comments

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