My new strategy for Rising Star

Hello Hive community and Rising Star players, I stopped posting about Rising Star because I decided to change my strategy so I was organizing my account within the game and I will leave more details about it below.

In my previous diary I had the strategy of starting with a large amount of fans (20000) and doing several short missions (5/10 min) throughout the day to maximize my earnings and also put the Starbits in Recording Stake and liquidity pool . This was a good strategy initially but it didn't work out as I expected for 2 reasons.

  • The first one was that doing short missions took up a lot of my time and made playing Rising Star a bit exhausting during the day.
  • The second reason was the fluctuation in the market with the price of tokens in the hive engine falling and that included Starbits, so keeping them in the Recording Stake and in the Liquidity Pool was not giving good results and as I had the intention of recovering part of the my investment before continuing to invest more in the game was becoming an unviable strategy every day.

To change that I decided to sell most of my fans and start all over again but this time with a strategy that I believe to be much more advantageous and with less risk. I had 23312 fans and sold 22100 fans leaving me with about 1200 fans which will be an excellent start for my new strategy.

My current strategy on Rising Star

To make Rising Star a more enjoyable game to play and to make it take up less time during the day I decided that instead of doing short missions I would do long missions of 300 min so I could play peacefully during the day and the number of Starbits I would earn wouldn't be much lower than what I would earn before. Let's put it in calculations to make a better explanation.

Previously I had a lot of fans so doing short missions paid off because the number of Starbits gained from them was significant. I did 10 Illegal Busking (5 min/mission), 10 Open Mic Night (10 min/mission), 10 Radio Interview (5 min/mission), a few Mid Week Support Slot (25 min/mission) and long missions like Acoustic Tent (250 min/mission). All in all, I got an average of 8000~10000 Starbits per day.

What took up a lot of my time was the short missions and they took about 6 hours a day to complete all of them and it may seem little but I had to keep remembering to always put a new mission every 5/10 min and repeat it several times day and every day it became a little tiring making Rising Star not very fun to play, besides with the strategy of having many fans at the beginning I rarely continued investing in the game because I had already made a good initial investment and needed to have a return on that investment, so my only progress within the game was leveling up by completing the missions.

To change that I decide that I will only do 5/6 missions on the day which will be 4 Local Mini Tour Support (300 min/mission), 1 STARBITS Millionaire and 1 Guitar Lesson to increase my number of Skills. Again I will put this in calculations.

4 Local Mini Tour Support will earn me an average of 1500 Starbits per mission and this will earn me 6000 Starbits daily, 1 STARBITS Millionaire will earn me 11000 Starbits (10% bonus) which totals an average of 17000 Starbits per day. If I only count the 6000 Starbits then it means that I will earn on average 30% of what I used to earn but on the other hand it will take up much less time and I will not need to buy 1,000,000 Starbits on the market because I will already have that value of the cards I sell.

But my intention is to recover the number of fans that I had previously (23312), for that I will invest daily my earnings from this new strategy and as I will have an average of 17000 Starbits earned per day I will use 15000 Starbits to buy 250 fans daily and I will use 2000 Starbits on Music Promoter to earn about 0.03 StarPro to keep getting the 10% STARBITS Millionaire mission bonus.

With this strategy I will have my fan base back in just 3 months and my only investment will be the 1,000,000 Starbits I have to carry out the STARBITS Millionaire mission. I also kept my instrument cards so I don't have to worry about Ego again and I get 250~500 Skills per Guitar Lesson.

The value in excess of 1,000,000 Starbits from the cards I sell along with my earnings in the last few months I used for new investments in other areas of the hive.

This is my new strategy I'm just waiting to receive my STARBITS Millionaire card so I can start executing it at 100%, for now I'm just doing Seasonal missions and Guitar Lessons.

Soon I will start a new diary so you can track my progress and the result of this new strategy.

If you still don't know the game and want to start playing you can access the site using my referral link below (optional).

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