Crypto Shots Beta is looking very attractive!

The one thing that is often lacking in blockchain gaming is a good-looking First Person Shooter. There are a few out there, and Crypto Shots is looking very appealing at this point.

Crypto Shots is currently on the Wax Blockchain but the devs do intend to bring it over to HIVE as well!
The Beta is now live on their website and if you want to get a lot of details bout @hive-190697 along with a chance to get $98 worth of NFT assets to play in the game head on over to the juicy post by @rentmoney here: LINK


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@Hivebits blends Hive's blockchain with the ethos of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is mined by effort, by "proof-of-work". Similarly, HBIT is mined by effort, call it "proof-of-comment". HBIT can be "mined" simply by commenting anywhere on the Hive blockchain (except to the source account of hivebits) by typing one of the HBIT commands: !hivebits or !HBIT or !hbit or $HBIT. Any of these will work.

You will receive 0.9 HBIT in your Hive-Engine wallet
The account you reply to will receive 0.1 HBIT
You can receive 100% of the HBIT simply by replying to yourself


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