WOO: Online Wrestling Organization - First Impressions and How to Make Money With It

Hello, in this post I will be talking about a project that I recently discovered that it is a #Play2earn game by Blockchain Hive. The name of the game is Wrestling Organization Online and you may have already read about it because it is starting to get more and more popular.

What is the game about?

Wrestling Organization Online is a play-to-earn business management game where players can build their Organization by acquiring wrestlers, upgrading facilities, and competing to earn more of the game's own token $WOO.

Every player will create and manage a traveling wrestling organization in this game. As they travel and grow their business and roster, they will have the option of picking a location to use as a base of operations. By choosing the base of operations, the company can start upgrading its Organization in various ways. Players will also be able to create promotions, a collection of individual organizations working together to increase their earnings in a territory. Rival Promotions in the same territory will compete to see who the best Promotion is and reap the rewards.

That brief summary of the game can be found in the post Wrestling Organization Online White Paper AKA The Dirt Sheet and other important information as well, so I recommend you read that too.

What are the ways to earn in the game?

Currently the game is not available to be played, it will only be released in 2023 but it is already possible to get rewards within it. The forms of reward are:

WOO Staking with APR of 146.61% (0.40% daily)

HP Delegation with APR of 25.45% (0.07%)

There are also liquidity pools that you can join and receive WOO as a reward.

WOO:SWAP.HIVE Liquidity Pool

WOO:SPS Liquidity Pool

WOO:DEC Liquidity Pool

WOO:PIZZA Liquidity Pool

Pack Airdrop

You can also receive WOO just by holding the card packs. Currently there are 3 packages which are WOO Alpha, WOO Saturn and WOO Raven. You can claim the rewards at Pack Airdrop

NFT Mining

WOO NFT Mining allows you to "stake" your NFTs via delegation to be entered into the prize draw for the chance to win WOO every hour. Each draw has 50 winners who are unique accounts, each winner receives 342.466 WOO.

To participate in the draw you will need tickets which are awarded by each Nft in Stake. The ticket numbers per Nft are:

Common wrestler1
Common manager2
Rare wrestler5
Rare manager10
Epic wrestler25
Epic manager50
Legendary wrestler80
Legendary manager160
Lore cards100
Saturn and Raven cards2080

Gold cards multiply the number of tickets by 100.

My opinion about the game is that it has a very flashy theme (maybe I'm suspicious of saying this because I'm a wrestling fan), the earnings are currently high even though the game hasn't been released yet and every day they earn more support, so I believe it can be a great success.

Before getting into the game do your own study on it and remembering that this is not an investment tip. Although the game hasn't been released yet they have a mini game that you can play with your Nfts.

Access the Minigame: Play Now

To end this post I will mention another important factor that the game has to offer:

Wrestling Organization Online is looking to positively impact the wrestling industry and help wrestlers by implementing NFT versions of independent wrestlers. Wrestling Organization Online will use the percentage of all transactions to purchase merchandise from partnered wrestlers. Wrestling Organization Online will then use this merchandise for future community giveaways. We believe this will help bring the community together and lead to the tangible utility of $WOO.

An example for this would be the story about Perry Saturn which can be found in this post WOO Pays Perry Saturn 10% of Earnings. This is an incentive that makes investors not only think about gains but also that they will help real people who will be supported by the project.

The official account on the game's hive is @wrestorgonline and you can also access their Twitter and Discord.

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