Splinterland's Battle Challenge: My battle and SWOT analysis for Scavo Firebolt

Splinterland's Battle Challenge: My battle and SWOT analysis for Scavo Firebolt.


This week Splinterland's Battle challenge featured Scavo Firebolt and using a card , it is very necessary that one should understand the strength and weakness of that card or to be precise the SWOT analysis of the card and before we proceed for that ,I guess we should see the stats for the card.


Looking at the stats of the card ,we see that it is 4 mana card that have range attack of 2 at level 1 that gradually increase to 4 at max level.

Strength :
It look like a nice and balanced card at 4 mana , it swiftness is fine and it attack value of 2 at level 1 is also good and I think it's health is also nice for it's mana cost , so it really look like a "champion" card in 4 mana bracket.

Weakness :
I guess it's ability is a very "weak" ability as it has Knock out ability at higher level. For Knockout to take effect , opponent monster is needed to be stunned (So to me Knockout look like a dependent ability on stun)

Opportunity :
When I have to use this card , I will really like to use in low mana battle , specially in the little leagues matches where it get perfectly match the mana requirement. I will like to use it with Cerebus as tank and Fire Spitter at tail and it will make a strong team.
Even in some mid mana matches, just think of using this card with Yodin Zaku at snipe ruleset.

Threat :
I guess it is susceptible to snipe attack, it is really good card in it's mana bracket but if just look t ranged option that can be used with Fire Summoner , I guess we have more strong ranged attack cards and few include "closed range " ability too.

And my battle :

I actually did not get the perfect ruleset in which I like to use scavo firebolt but I guess below rueset is not too bad at all.


Let move to battle :


I have used Serpent of the Flame as tank and used Spirit miner , so that it become very hard to touch my tank. And we see the battle it become evident that opponent has lot of misses in touching my tank. Fire demon has blast opportunity and Scavo Firebolt giving me 3 attack for 4 mana. I used Tenyii Striker and Kobold Miner to attack the opponent tail and save my range attacker from opponent sneak.


Look like first round ended at equal footing with both tanks holding the ground but Serpent of flame worked exceptionally well as it dodged couple of enemy monster hits.


Look like I give my opponent decisive blow in round 2. Opponent lost 2 monster against my 1 monster, more ever Peace bringer at first position is now just a punching bag.


This is all set, Victory is waiting for me.
Link to Battle id

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