🤘 Daily Rising Star Giveaway - 2000 Starbits Per Day 🤘 🎁

Hello again fellow Rising Star Mega Stars.



Daily Starbits Giveaway

As a way to give back to the Rising Star community I'm giving away 2000 Starbits per day(ish - I have been more miss than hit lately!). Two lucky winners will each get 1000 Starbits!


How To Enter

It is super easy to enter.

Just leave a comment below with the following secret word.



The Fine Print

You need to enter by 6:00 am Eastern Time the day after this post is made or until I start on the next post which ever is later.

You don't need to upvote or re-hive this post although it would be very much appreciated.


Please, just one entry per person. No multiple account entries or bots.

I will pick the winner using the Random Comment Picker.

Open to New and Existing Rising Star players

If you aren't a Rising Star player yet, please consider using my referral link to sign up. You can get started for free and start building your Band and earning #STARBITS



Yesterday's Winner

Going to the autopicker gives me the winners - @supriya.gupta, @tinyputerboy.

Congratulations to @supriya.gupta, @tinyputerboy!

Better luck to the rest of you! Be sure to keep entering everyday... your time will come.


PIZZA and LOLZ Fest!

I have loaded up this account on #pizza and #lolz and will be giving out a slice and a joke to my players as long as they last! An LOLZ will be given to the first 10 entries, and a slice of PIZZA will be given to the next entries, until I run out of pizza.

You do not need to tip me with LOLZ, PIZZA, or LUV but it would be appreciated.

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Enter today, enter tomorrow, and don't forget to enter next week!

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🤘 About Rising Star 🤘

Rising Star NFT Band Management Game

Rising Star is a Hive-Based card collecting and band management simulation game. Players can earn cryptocurrency called #starbits by playing which they can spend on more cards or trade for Hive.

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