Cards to Rent for ONE DAY and SKYROCKET your Rating to Silver!

Do you want to reach Silver in just a day? Take a look at these cards to rent and skyrocket your Rating!


Scarred Llama Mage + Kron the Undying


Rental Cost per Day: 29.50 DEC + 19.75 DEC = 49.25 DEC

This is the OG wombo-combo to easily ROLFSTOMP your enemies while you're on the lower leagues. It's almost impossible to beat this combo when you're a Bronze/Silver player that's just playing the game casually, without tryharding with high-leveled cards in order to win the Season Leaderboards, which means that 99% of the playerbase won't be able to win against you!

The strategy is very simple: use Scarred Llama Mage as your summoner, and play Kron the Undying as your last Monster. When Kron becomes the only monster in play, he'll receive the Last Standing ability and will be literally impossible to kill, due his massive Healthpool, his self-heal, and his increased stats.

Yodin Zaku + Ferexia General


Rental Cost per Day: 26.45 DEC + 1.12 DEC = 27.57 DEC

This is another well-known combo: Yodin Zaku + Sniper Monsters! This Fire Summoner not only gives +1 Ranged Attack and +1 Health to all your Monsters, but he also buffs everyone with the Blast ability ("does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster").

The Snipe ability empowers the Blast ability, as if you're attacking a backline Monster of your opponent, Blast will deal damage to TWO extra Monsters, not only ONE (as would be the case if you attacked the enemy Frontline Tank).

The most powerful Fire Monster with Snipe is the Ferexia General, that can be rented by a very affordable rate of 1.12 DEC per day. If you want to combo even more, you can also add the Fire Beetle (rental cost of only 0.1 DEC per day), the currently free-to-play card Lava Spider, and other Neutral Ranged Monsters with the Snipe ability (Mantoid and Centaur)

Valnamor + Ruler of the Seas


Rental Cost per Day: 68 DEC + 10.78 DEC = 78.78 DEC

This last combo is less straight-foward than the other two, and it's also more expensive. I would just recommend renting them if your daily quest is winning 5 Matches with the Water Splinter, and you want to kill two birds with one stone (do the daily quest + skyrocket your Rating).

Anyway, the summoner Valnamor gives a +1 Magic Attack to all your Monsters (and also +1 Speed and +1 Health! Very handy, isn't he?), which means that you'll be playing lots of Magic Monsters. Your main damage dealer will be the powerful Ruler of the Seas: due his Blast ability, he'll deal 5 damage per round (3 to the frontline tank, 2 to the monster on the 2nd place).

You can raise the strenght of your combo by playing more Magic Monsters, be them free-to-play (like the Ice Pixie) or with other rentable cards like Venari Wavesmith (0.1 DEC per day; very recommended due its +2 Armor buff) and the Phantom of the Abyss (8.35 DEC per day; this Monster is a BEAST on High-Mana Matches with 3 Magic Attack, Flying, Dodge and 6 Speed!)

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