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Hello world and fellow Hivers

Another week has already started and I'm very keen about the following days because I'll have plenty of time available to work on the projects I wanted to upload for quite some time. As I said in my yesterday's post I started playing a new game the past couple of days and I'm recording some of the gameplay in order to share it with you within the next week probably. So let's get back to SL related stuff and as always I would like to state that the initiative for this post is the Share your Battle Challenge from @splinterlands! Enjoy!


Review of the card

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Today's highlighted card is Temporal Master from the Life class. Well if I want to be honest with you I must admit that I have not used this card at all until this time. I believe that is a decent card for its Mana cost but I am not a real fan of the ability "Recharge" and that was the main reason that I didn't use it. After I tried it for a couple of games I have to say that I could see it existing in some of my low Magic attack formations, especially at level 4 and above. Personally, I will use it at level 3 in this battle because I rented it before I was sure if it was worth investing much more DEC for this card.


The Battle

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  • Explosive Weaponry: All monsters have the Blast ability.
  • The Mana cap in this battle is 52 and the only available classes are Life, Dragon, and Earth.


Summoner Selection

The summoner that I used in this battle was Delwyn Dragonscale and the main reason was that I wanted to focus on a Magic formation and what a better summoner to achieve that from this summoner. I've already explained in some previous posts the benefits of the Delwyn Dragonscale and the one thing that I want to highlight even now is the fact that this summoner is so value for money at renting. The main thing that I want to provide through my posts is vfm solution in order to play at a decent rank on the ladder.


Teams' Formation

My lineup from front to backline; 1.Shieldbearer, 2.Venator Kinjo, 3.Temporal Master, 4.Bill the Radiant, 5.High Priest Darius, 6.Adelade Brightwing.


So my main tank in this formation is going to be the Shieldbearer. A very powerful card that has the right ability for the current ruleset, meaning that I want all of the enemy damage dealers to focus on attacking this monster in order to minimize the effect of the Blast damage with the help of my next card. Of course, except for the ability, I care a lot about the stats of the card, and as you see it is pretty tanky even at level 2. Usually, I use this card at higher levels but in this situation, I had a limit because of my summoner's low level.


In the second place of my formation, I chose to place the card Venator Kinjo and I believe that the reason is pretty obvious now and is the incredible combo that this card and the previous one are forming together. Basically, we neutralize the effect of the blast ability for at least a round and this gives to us a huge handicap in the course of the battle as you will see in the video below. For those who don't know what am I talking about is the ability Reflection shield that we need.


The third card that I used was this week's highlighted one, Temporal Master. Well, I believe that I pretty much covered everything about this card in the section above but I would like to say that it was not much of a use in this specific battle as you would see. Maybe it would be best to place it in the fourth position instead of the third.


The fourth card that I placed in the formation was Bila the Radiant, this card certainly looks familiar because I use it very often and especially when I've got to construct a Magic attack formation. One of the reasons that makes it a perfect fit for my team is the ability it has Leech and in combination with a +1 Attack buff from the summoner and the blast damage from the ruleset, it could build a pretty massive HP in these types of situations.


In fifth place, I placed the card High Priest Darius, this one is another familiar card because whenever I have a high Mana type of battle I am always keen to use this card in my formation. The reason is pretty simple and in my opinion, the combination of this ability (Resurrect) with the High mana Magic damage is too good to pass. Especially the ability could be the only factor that could change the outcome of one battle. A very powerful card that I highly suggest to start using in your battles.


For the last place of my team, I chose to place the card Adelade Brightwing. The main reason that I did that was the abilities it has both Repair and Flying. The first one is pretty important because it would restore a portion of the shield that my tank is going to lose so it would extend its life for one or two hits and the second one is because it could potentially lead to a miss from my opponent's incoming attack.


Watch the Action!

Now you can see the battle below without having an account at Splinterlands! If you want to see the battle at the game, I will leave a link below! I hope you will enjoy the battle and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment!

  • Here is also a link for the battle on the Splinterlands platform: LINK


Thank you for reading

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