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Hello world and fellow Hivers

Another week has started and I am pretty tired from all the work that I must do already but I believe that I would survive this week too. Well at least I found some free time and I decided to write a post about this week's "Tales from Silver" episode. Today we are going to review a battle from my daily grind with this week's highlighted card River Nymph. So kick back relax and enjoy the post!


Review of the card

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The card we are going to review today is River Nymph. My opinion about this card is hella good and one of the main factors that I am so positive about it is the fact that it has the ability "Cleanse". This ability performs excellently against specific rulesets and various cards. It could make the difference between winning or losing a battle, so I would say that it's pretty important to have this card as an asset in your collection. So the level you should use depends on your rank but I would suggest using it at level 4-5 on Silver and working your way up. This card could also be used at level 1 in some situations where you only play it for the cleansing ability and tbh I am doing this often.


The Battle

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  • Weak Magic: Magic attacks hit Armor before reducing Health.

  • Briar Patch: All monsters have the Thorns ability.

  • The mana cap for this battle is 60 and we can play all classes except Fire and Death.

Summoner Selection

The summoner that I chose for this battle was the Delwyn Dragonscale with the desirable +1 Magic damage to all of my lineup. I decided to choose Delwyn once again because the moment I saw this ruleset I took the decision to go with a Magic attack formation. So Delwyn is an excellent option for this kind of battle and a very value-for-money choice.


Teams' Formation

My lineup from front to backline; 1. Goblin Mech 2. Djinn Oshannus 2.River Nymph 3. River Hellondale 4. Venari Wavesmith 5. Axemaster


The first monster that entered the battlefield from my formation was one of my favorite tank cards; Goblin Mech. The reason is pretty simple, we need an option with a really high Shield and high HP and overall to have really great stats. As I said before this card passes all of these tests and in combination with the card River Hellondale will make an OP defender. The ability it has "Piercing" is a bonus at this point but I really like this too.


The second monster that I chose to use was the legendary card Djinn Oshannus at level 2. The reason that I am giving emphasis on the level was the fact that at that level it gains a new ability; Phase. So for those who don't know the effect of this ability, it pretty much means that enemy magic attack monsters that are going to hit this card have the same probability to miss it just as melee attack monsters have. I don't believe that I have to explain the value of this card even more because it's pretty obvious I think.


The third card that I decided to play is the highlighted card River Nymph. Well in this situation I played this card because it's a Magic attack monster and it turned out that it was quite useful because my opponent had one monster with the Affliction ability. I believe that I pretty much-covered everything in my review earlier so I am not going to say much about this card.


In the fourth position, I decided to place the card River Hellondale. One of the most reliable cards that I ever bought. It's really shining in this situation because I can use it both for offensive and defensive purposes. The abilities it gives to the team are pretty solid and quite useful for both the Resurrect and Inspire. Both of them are creating a great combo with our main tank for this battle.


In fifth place, I placed the card Venari Wavesmith and this was one of the first cards that I thought of using by watching this ruleset. The reason is obviously the fact that all types of damage hit in the Shield's fist so if we give a shield to all of our formations we are going to have an advantage and we would be more protected. A really useful card that you might want to consider playing in similar situations.


In the last place of my formation was the card Axemaster. This card is one of my favorite range attack cards from the Water Class. One of the main reasons that this card is so good is the ability Double Strike. It's a great damage dealer even at level 1 but if you want to play it at higher levels and ranks I suggest doing that at level 3 and higher. The reason is that at level 3 it gains +1 damage and at level 4 it gains the ability close range.


Thank you for reading

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