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Hello world and fellow Hivers

Well, I'm super excited today because it's Friday and for the next two days I am going to relax and focus more on things that I like rather than on things that I must do. So I decided to play some splinterlands before going for a beer. Also, I decided to write another episode for the "Highlights from the Ladder" series which is inspired by the Social Media Challenge from @splinterlands.

If you are familiar with the game please skip the next part, if you are new to Splinterlands, I will make a summary for you! I will try to explain what is this crypto game with a few words!
So if anyone is new here and doesn't know what the game is about let me explain it to you. Splinterlands is a play to earn a game in the NFT world. The game operates in the Hive blockchain and it is a trading game genre! To put it simply it's a card game that whenever you win you earn SPS and RP, the more you play and you are going up the ladder, the more rewards you get in quantity both for SPS & RP but you even get better rewards from the chests you are going to open. If you want to join and take a taste of the game, you can do that for free but if you want to start earning SPS and grind for NFT cards and earn more rewards you must buy the Summoner's Spellbook. I totally recommend starting your journey today and to help you with that we are going to review today one battle for my daily ranked games!


The Battle

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif


  • Up to Eleven: All Monsters have the Amplify ability.

  • The available mana for this battle is 60 and we can play only the Death, Dragon, and Death classes.


Summoner Selection

The summoner that I decided to use in this situation was Daria Dragonscale and as I said many times before this is one of the most reliable cards that I am using for the dragon class. In this situation, I decided to use Daria because I would like to focus on creating a Melee attack formation and if I could use some monsters with Thorns' ability in order to take advantage of the ruleset. Our opponent chose the summoner Waka Spiritblade and tbh is the first time that I will encounter this matchup.


Teams' Formation

2022-12-16 (3).png

Team presentation

The first card that I chose to enter the battlefield was our main tank Djinn Chwala. Of course one of the main reasons I chose it was the ruleset and more specifically the ability of Thorns. At level 3 the stats of this card is pretty great but if you have the chance to play it at higher levels you should do it because it gains more abilities like Enrage at level 4 and Ture Strike at level 6.


The second card that I decided to place in the battle was a pretty interesting card named Riftwing. I know that many of you use this card only in situations like Neoxian Fumes and Earthquake rulesets but in this situation, I believe that it would be quite useful. My logic behind this decision was that I wanted a card to stall my opponent's offense as much as possible in order to destroy his formation from the backline. So Riftwing was an excellent option because of the ability it has Scavenger.


The third card that I chose was one of the main damage dealers of my formation; Sand Worm. Most of you that follow up with my posts already know that I've got a great love for this card because it has incredible stats and can easily penetrate any formation from the backline pretty easily. Well, I highly recommend using this card at even higher levels from this because this card gets really better at level 4 with an extra attack but the main downside with this card is the Speed so I am thinking of using it at level 5 instead in the future.


In the fourth place, I've placed the card Dhampir Infiltrator and this card did an excellent job at sneaking from the backline. So the job that this card should have done was to deal as much damage as possible in the backline. The main reason that I chose this card except for form the Sneak ability was the other ability it has Twin strike and I believe that in combination with the Summoner I chose it makes a perfect combo to increase our damage output.


In fifth place, I chose the card Silent Sha-Vi. Of course, all of you understand that I wanted to put even more pressure on the backline because I believed that was the key to winning the pretty impressive formation that my opponent did actually construct. I knew that in the long run, I would not survive so I had to come up with a plan on destroying my opponent's damage dealers before he could actually do it. This card is pretty good even at level 1 as you see but I would recommend using it at a higher level if you can.


The last card that I decided to place in this formation was the range attack card Dhampir, Stalker. So I knew that my opponent would probably use a tank with the Thorns' ability because of this ruleset and I wanted to help my main card on the frontline with a little bit of extra damage. So I decided to use this card because it has a pretty great damage output and as you can see I use it at level 1 because I believe that it's already pretty decent. Of course, if you have this card at higher levels you should use i. I believe that it was a pretty good option that helped me a lot in this battle.


Watch the Action!

Now you can see the battle below without having an account at Splinterlands! If you want to see the battle at the game, I will leave a link below! I hope you will enjoy the battle and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment!

  • Here is also a link for the battle on the Splinterlands platform: LINK


Thank you for reading

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