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Hello world and fellow Hivers

After a long time since I didn't upload a post about @splinterlands, the time has come to continue the series and share another battle from my daily grind. The reason for my absence was the overload I got from the hours I spent in front of my PC, so I took a break for a couple of days. That of course doesn't mean that I stopped utterly grinding on all the games that I played before. So as always the initiative for this post is the Social Media Challenge from Splinterlands

If you are familiar with the game please skip the next part, if you are new to Splinterlands, I will make a summary for you! I will try to explain what is this crypto game with a few words!
So if anyone is new here and doesn't know what the game is about let me explain it to you. Splinterlands is a play to earn a game in the NFT world. The game operates in the Hive blockchain and it is a trading game genre! To put it simply it's a card game that whenever you win you earn SPS and RP, the more you play and you are going up the ladder, the more rewards you get in quantity both for SPS & RP but you even get better rewards from the chests you are going to open. If you want to join and take a taste of the game, you can do that for free but if you want to start earning SPS and grind for NFT cards and earn more rewards you must buy the Summoner's Spellbook. I totally recommend starting your journey today and to help you with that we are going to review today one battle for my daily ranked games!


The Battle

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  • Target Practice: All ranged and magic attack monsters have the snipe ability

  • Melee Mayem: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position

  • Total Mana cap at 60 & all classes are available.

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Summoner Selection

In this matchup is quite easy to select the summoner because whenever I face the ruleset Melee Mayem I pretty much instantly think about Daria Dragonscale. I believe that this is one of the most underrated summoners in SL because I rarely see someone using it. I don't quite understand the reason that you don't want such a card in your collection because it could give a huge advantage in some situations and especially in situations like this.


Teams' Formation

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Team presentation

The first card that I chose for this battle is Goblin Mech. I believe that most of you that follow my posts regularly must have guessed that I would choose this card for my formation in this type of battle. To be honest I can't find a reason not to play this card because it's a perfect fit for the active rulesets. To explain it a little further I was suspecting that my opponent would use Melee & Range attack monsters so I wanted a monster with high HP & Armor and high Attack/Speed stats.

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The second card that I played in this formation was Carnage Titan and one of the reasons that I chose it was the ability it has to double strike. This card in combination with the +1 attack from the summoner creates a great combo that can destroy easily the enemy's frontline. The other ability it has (Reach) makes it perfect to place it second in turn and the overall stats that has makes it one of the badasses in the battle. A really solid option when you want to create a melee-based formation, I highly recommend it.

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In the third place, I chose to place the Charlok Minotaur and the main reason that I want it on my team was the fact that it has pretty high damage and the very interesting ability True Strike, which means that it cannot miss when attacking. So this card becomes very useful when you face the ruleset of Melee Mayem because you can place it whenever you want and it would press a lot of the enemy's frontline.

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The fourth choice for my formation was the Molten Ogre. There were 2 main reasons that I chose this card and I believe that this card is one of the most important cards that you should play when you want to play the Fire class and face the rule Melee Mayem. The first reason is of course the fact it has great stats that put extra pressure on the enemy's frontline and the second reason is the ability it has to Demoralize you will find it pretty useful because there are high chances that your opponent would use Melee monsters.

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In fifth place, I chose to place the card Oshuur Constantia and this must be a wrong choice for me. So, the reason that I believe that this card was probably misplaced or shouldn't be in the formation was the fact that, as you would see in the battle, died before it could activate the ability it has, Resurrection. To be honest I completely forgot about the rule of Target practice when I was preparing my team and that led to this mistake. If I could do it all over again I would probably choose a different option for this position.

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The last place was filled by one of the best cards that the Dragon class has, Djinn Chwala. This card contributes to this place at its fullest because except that it does a significant amount of damage to the opponent's frontline it can protect the backline of our formation with the Thorns ability. A really solid option that I highly recommend using it too at similar situations. As you already saw our opponent used sneak monsters despite the Meele mayhem ruleset and we could find ourselves in serious trouble without the help of Djinn.


Watch the Action!

Now you can see the battle below without having an account at Splinterlands! If you want to see the battle at the game, I will leave a link below! I hope you will enjoy the battle and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment!

  • Here is also a link for the battle on the Splinterlands platform: LINK


Thank you for reading

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