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Hello world and fellow Hivers

Today we will discuss an exciting formation that helped me a lot through my daily grind in Splinterlands. I constructed a magic formation and wanted to show it to you for quite some time because lately I was focused on Melee-based battles and I wanted to show you something different. The initiative for this post is once again the @splinterlands' Social Media Challenge. It's a weekly challenge in which anyone should create anything related to the game in order to promote the game and the amazing community behind it.

If you are familiar with the game please skip the next part, if you are new to Splinterlands, I will make a summary for you! I will try to explain what is this crypto game with a few words!
So if anyone is new here and doesn't know what the game is about let me explain it to you. Splinterlands is a play to earn a game in the NFT world. The game operates in the Hive blockchain and it is a trading game genre! To put it simply it's a card game that whenever you win you earn SPS and RP, the more you play and you are going up the ladder, the more rewards you get in quantity both for SPS & RP but you even get better rewards from the chests you are going to open. If you want to join and take a taste of the game, you can do that for free but if you want to start earning SPS and grind for NFT cards and earn more rewards you must buy the Summoner's Spellbook. I totally recommend starting your journey today and to help you with that we are going to review today one battle for my daily ranked games!


The Battle

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Summoner Selection

Delwyn Dragonscale is the summoner that we are going to use at this battle and we are up against Keyla Frendul. Overall Delwyn is a very reliable summoner in my opinion because it gives us the flexibility to use whatever class we want. Also, I really want to be able to play the Magic monsters from the Water class, and with this summoner, you can build some pretty OP formations.

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  • Explosive Weaponry: All Monsters have the Blast ability

  • Also, we've got 36 Mana Points available and we can play all classes except Earth and Life.

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Teams' Formation

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At the first position, we are going to place Djinn Chwala and this card is going to be our main tank in this battle. This card is perfect for this position and when I get to play the Dragon class, it's pretty much sure that I am going to use it. I mean except for these incredible stats, I really wanted the Thorns' ability to counter the opponent's tank monster and any other Melee thread.

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From the moment I lay my eyes on the current ruleset, pretty much instantly I was sure that I would use this particular card at the second position. The reason is pretty much simple and it's one of the abilities it possesses. So it has two abilities, the first one is Camouflage, which is quite useful because you should not worry about enemy opportunity monsters and the second one is the reflection shield which means that the blast damage cannot hurt it.

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In the third position, I placed Djinn Oshannus as an excellent choice both for damage and defense. This card in combination with this summoner can cause some serious damage to enemy monsters and with the high health and speed can easily stand at the first position on the battlefield. I believe that it's pretty much necessary to use it when you want to play a water magic formation. Another reason that makes it a great defender it's the ability Void which reduces the damage from magic attacks.

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In the fourth position, we've got the card Serpentine Mystic. That card is pretty solid for the job we want, I really needed to fill the remaining MP with low-cost cards that have magic damage and interesting abilities. This monster has the ability to Affliction which means that any monster that it hits is becoming unable to heal.

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In fifth place, we've placed the card Venari Spellsmith. As I said for the previous card the reasons are pretty much the same and I needed to fill these spots with low-cost magic monsters in order to do as much damage as I can to my opponent's formation and break through his frontline using Magic damage. This card can do the job with these stats and the ability Dispel which can clear all positive buffs when it hit a target.

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The last place of the formation was Venari Wavesmith. I've praised this card a couple of times before and prepare yourself because I am going to do it again. Each time I'm called to review that card I really just want to say the word Protect. That is the ability of this card and it gives +2 shield to all friendly monsters you are going to see how essential that ability was in this battle in the video below.

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Watch the Action!

  • Here is also a link for the battle on the Splinterlands platform: LINK


Thank you for reading!

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