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Hello world and fellow Hivers

After a long time of absence the time has come to continue the series of giveaways and to update you about my Rising Star career. This giveaway doesn't have a strict timeline and you can participate until the time I will upload the next one and also want you to know that I will always be handing the rewards over to the winner. In this post we are going to review the progress I did during the past week and which cards did I buy in order to continue running the Millionaire quest also we are going to see who was the winner of my last post.


Report from Daily Grind

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I will let you know how my daily grind is going! I have 11495 EGO from fans, and 5008 EGO from missions, which creates a Total of 16503 EGO! My total Skill is 17965 which 10755 are from the cards and the remaining 7210 are from Lessons! My total Fans are 12095 and my total Luck is 1727! Also, I want to share that the number of cards I own is 221! Also, as you see I did manage to open all the available slots for my band and I place a cool card to each slot. That means that I finally am able to proceed at the third continent (Country tour) when I will reach level 80! I can't wait to do my first mission there and share it with you :)



E116 Jim.png

Well as I stated in my previous post,I started looking for good deals about Epic cards and I found some pretty good deals for grabs. The reason that I stopped opening packs was the fact that I believe that I can find much better deals if I buy Epic cards individually on the market. So I bought the card E116, Jim, at the price of 39617 STARBITS, a pretty good deal IMO because the possibility of getting 600 Fans from 4 packs is pretty low as my experience has shown. The second card that I bought from the market was E108 Gayle for the price of 35703 STARBITS, a not so great deal but it was not bad either. Gayle gives 500 Fans and I paid the price of 3 & half packs so I don't believe that I could pull that easily with just luck. Anyway I kinda missed the excitement of opening packs so if I don't find a good deal before I will post my next article I will open a couple of packs just for the sake of it.




  • First of all, in order to be your entry valid, you should leave one comment per account and have a reputation higher than 25! Bot comments are ignored

  • The giveaway ends when I post my next article about Rising Star!

  • In order to participate in the giveaway, the only thing you need to do is to comment on something plus your in-game name

  • Follows are not required but highly appreciated and it will help you to get notified for future giveaways and other content I upload often about other crypto games!

  • Upvotes and Reblogs are also not required but highly appreciated and they will help me to sustain this type of content and to upgrade the rewards!

  • Tips like Pizza, LOL, LUV, etc are most welcome, and I will try to send you back!

  • I will use the Hive random comment picker to choose the winner!


The winner of the last post!



2022-11-24 (4).png

@beeminer , you are the winner of the giveaway! Enjoy your 1000 STARBITS!

PING LIST: @rentaw03, @kimikimi, @amaillo, @buffalobison, @jonimarqu, @tengolotodo, @luizeba, @supriya.gupta, @nikoleondas, @soyunasantacruz,@camillecrls629,@maggotmilk,@henruc,@screamheart,@stekene,@kraaaaa,@coquicoin, @henruc, @screamheart, @inefablelv, @criptosectadepit,@dayron101184,@tinyputerboy,@vaynard86,@beeminer,@tokutaro22,@pregosauce,@karkalitsos,@yeckingo1,@slothbuzz,@jfang003,@thaddeusprime,@slothbuzz,@bitandi

If you want to take a break from the giveaways and you don't want me to ping you just write it in the comment section!


Good luck to all of you

  • If you have any questions about the game you can check my previous posts about the game and you can ask me anything you want!
  • Also, you can check out the @thgaming community for more fantastic content and rewards!
  • Make sure to stop by the @thealliance and their discord server, you will find plenty of help and many rewards waiting for you!
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