Supply Runner - Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

Hi guys, for this week's challenge SUPPLY RUNNER, I rented a set of cards to try to compete on the leaderboards and the highest rank I achieve was 7. However, I was pushed down to rank 33. It was a great experience using higher-level cards especially SUPPLY RUNNER.


First, we must learn about the Supply Runners. The Supply Runners are gnomes who are known to handle supplies/items with care and deliver them quickly, and if you want to hire them, you only need to contact Talon and Gorst agencies, and the only rule that contractors must follow is **These creatures are not to leave the shores of Praetoria, ever! **. When they do, they will be unpredictable and will murder their contractors/owners.

SUPPLY RUNNER is high-speed range monster with multiple abilities, which are Swiftness that will be unlocked at level 5 and Strengthen at level 10.
I also used a level 5 SUPPLY RUNNER and these are his stats.



A regular foil SUPPLY RUNNER will grant you 5 CP, while a level 5 will grant you 300 CP. A single gold foil SUPPLY RUNNER grants 125 CP, while a level 5 gold foil grants 625 CP.

At the time of writing, the cost of a single bcx of SUPPLY RUNNER is $.0128, and leveling him up to level 5 costs $10.639.

A single bcx of gold foil SUPPLY RUNNER is currently priced at $2.190 and leveling it up to 5 costs $13.130.

If you only intend to rent this card, a level 1 regular foil supply runner costs 0.1 DEC/Day and a level 5 costs 1.121 DEC/Day. Rent for a gold foil 1 bcx card is 0.367 DEC/Day, and level 5 gold foil is 5 DEC/Day.


SUPPLY RUNNER has a 4 speed at level 5, making him one of the game's fastest monsters, and with his ability Swiftness, he will be faster and will help his allied monsters increase their speed, which is one of my favorite abilities in the game because speed is always better than power.

WEAKNESS of range monsters is that they are easy to kill. With his 5 HP, he can be killed by a monster with 5 damage in 1 turn, and once in first position, he will be unable to deal damage, and finally, his range damage of 2 is inadequate at level 5.


The only splinters available were Fire and Life, which are usually range damage or sneak monsters. And because we have the Target-Practice ruleset, I expect the enemy to go for range damage, so I need a monster with the Taunt ability to keep the snipe ruleset from killing my range damage monsters. As a result, I'll be getting an excellent tank with a Taunt. And for my offensive strategy, I intend to use a range damage summoner and high-speed monsters capable of eliminating the enemy before they take their turn.


YODIN ZAKU is arguably one of the best summoners, and he is the best range damage summoner in my opinion. This will suit my lineup. With YODIN ability to give my monsters blast ability along with +1 HP and +1 range damage, he will be the ideal summoner to use.


MAGNOR is a must-have in my lineup because he is the only monster in the fire splinter with the TAUNT ability. He will be my main tank, absorbing all damage, and thanks to his high HP, he will be able to tank both physical and magical damage. At the same time, he will be an excellent damage dealer due to his high melee damage and speed.

LAVA LAUNCHER, I chose this monster for his armor. And, since I expected the enemy to go for range damage monsters, his armor alone will make him an excellent secondary tank. His high damage and speed, similar to MAGNOR, will make this monster an excellent damage dealer.


SPIKE PIXIES Because I already have the main tank and secondary tank, what I need now are fast monsters to ensure that my monsters are the first to take their turn and eliminate the enemy before they reach their turn, and SPARK PIXIE is the best monster for this, with his high speed of 5 and damage of 2, he will be one of the fastest monsters in the game at level 1.

SUPPLY RUNNER is one of the most important monsters in my lineup, and his ability SWIFTNESS makes him the most important monster in the field, which is why I placed him in the safest position.


LORD OF FIRE is a much-needed support/utility monster to go along with my SUPPLY RUNNER. With his ability STRENGTHEN, he will make all of my monsters increase their HP by one, which is crucial because my monsters' survivability will increase due to the low HP of my range monsters with this ability.

CREEPING OOZE is yet another utility/support monster. This monster ability Slow guarantees that my monsters will be able to take their turn before the enemy. I also positioned him last in case the enemy went for Sneak monsters.

With just the summoners, I already have the advantage over the enemy's GENERAL SLOAN. We both have the same idea: choose monsters with range damage and one with a Taunt ability to negate the Snipe ruleset.

Battle Link Here


The first round is usually trading of damage. However, this time, due to my SPEED RUNNER ability Swiftness and YODIN's Blast damage, I eliminated the enemy's first and second position monsters, without losing any of my monsters.


With my higher-level monsters, I was able to end the game in the second round without the enemy monsters taking turns.


The game was over in two rounds, which surprised me given how powerful the SUPPLY RUNNER and YODIN ZAKU combo is, and I will definitely use this lineup again if the opportunity arises.
SUPPLY RUNNER is only one of my favorite monsters; I own a level 3 who lacks the Swiftness ability, so I rarely use him. However, once that ability was unlocked, I fell in love with him and used him in almost every game, particularly with the Explosive Weaponry ruleset.

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