Here are the 5 Winners of the 'THGaming Social Media Challenge' and 5 Runner-up Prizes!

THGaming Community Posting Competition

Winners announced below

Competition Link : April 2022 - THGaming Community Competition - Same Rules, better Prizes! 7 days to Enter - $28 USD in Crypto & NFTs - 10 Winners.

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We had 16 entries into the 'THGaming Community Posting Competition'.

Here are the 5 Winners :

@beffeater - $PIMP
@atbui89 - $THGAMING
@tinyputerboy - $HIVE
@adie44 - $STARBITS
@splintercell-01 - Chaos Legion Pack

Congratulations! All prizes will be transferred within 48 hours. 500x $THGAMING Tokens will also be awarded out to 5 'Honourable Mention Posts' as runner up prizes.

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(1) 300 x $PIMP - @beffeater - WINNING POST - 'Double Tank / Taunt - great battles'

Chaos Legion has brought a great variety of opportunities to manage the aggro of enemy attacks, especially with two creatures Wave Brood & Mycellic Slipspawn. These creatures placed in the back thanks to their taunt ability, can absorb a great part of the damage buying time for the rest of your army to reach their objectives. If well supported can be a real headache to your enemies. I hope some new players get some tips to increase their win rate. Enjoy!

taunt befeater.jpg.webp

(2) 3000 x $THGAMING : @atbui89 - WINNING POST - 'Splinterlands Quick Start Guide for Newbies! The Bare Minimum!'

If you're just getting started in #Splinterlands and are familiar with the battle system but don't know where to put your money or how much, then this guide is for you! My goal for this post is to help guide the new player in creating a solid foundation for their journey into Splinterlands.

Bare min guide for beginners - atbui89.png

(3) 5 x $HIVE : @tinyputerboy - WINNING POST - 'Share Your Battle: The Crypt Beetle—Take 2!'

But if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. So I have been keeping my eyes open for a battle that really highlights the Crypt Beetle’s true strength—the strength of its hide! We can see from the Beetle’s level-progression chart, that it's never very fast, and it never really hits very hard. But for its low 3-mana summoning cost, it is consistently well armored and wields the shield ability, making it a bug that’s awfully hard to smush....

crypto beetle tinyputer.png

(4) 10 000 x $STARBITS : @adie44 - WINNING POST - 'Rising Star - 10 Days Push Rank: Level 70 to 75 + Complete Breakdown'

There are several reasons why I really want to get to Level 75 as soon as possible:

  • Opportunity to do Band Auditions mission as a condition to unlock Zone 3, this mission aims to get our band members after previously only doing Solo Busking for 74 levels.
  • Zone 3, I have the opportunity to do new missions in the future which starts when reaching Level 80 and slightly reduces the Ego gained from doing missions over and over again. This is related to my playing strategy, which is doing a lot of missions with short durations where the amount of Ego Permanent that is obtained is very large every day which at this time cannot be covered with only one Music Lesson.

111 Kraaa Millioonair card.gif

(5) 1 x Splinterlands 'Chaos Legion' Pack : @splintercell-01 - WINNING POST - 'Splinterlands Summoner Review - Dragons!'

Hello everyone! Lester here! A new season has just begun in Splinterlands and players are getting more strategical and competitive each day. As a beginner, you might think that this game is so complex that you will might have a hard time winning each match. Especially when your opponent has more experience in playing this game than you. But worry not, this post will help you uncover the power of one of the 6 Splinters in the world of Splinterlands - Dragons!

dragon splintercell.png

Honorable Mentions (500 x $THGAMING tokens each)

The following Posts by @saachi @spongebob27 @kraaaaa @almightygrim @michupa will receive 500 $THGAMING Tokens each :

Congratulations! All prizes will be transferred within 48 hours.

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Here are all of the Competition Entries:


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