Selection of the best articles about Games and eSports in Hive ~ 121

I love games and eSports so I want to share with all of you my favorite posts and I hope you like them too. If so, give them a vote of confidence to support their hard work.

The selection will not be limited to a single tribe but will encompass many different ones. It will also be varied in topics whether they are pure publications, contests or NFTs. And of course both in written format and in videos.

This is the selection of 2 articles that I found most interesting today.

WOO Land WL Sale Ends & General Sale Announcement by @wrestorgonline

"Attention wrestling fans and $WOO token holders! We want to thank you for your support during our Whitelist Sale. We are happy to announce that over 3,000 City packs have been distributed, and 10% of those sales have gone directly to our wrestling partners."


"MuTerra partnered up with 16 HIVE based projects, some of which are established games, some are upcoming games while others are tribes and communities of HIVE."

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