The Uncontrollable Rage of the RADIATED BRUTE

Hello Splinterlands players!

This week the battle challenge theme is: RADIATED BRUTE



LORE: The spreading blight on the continent of Praetoria twisted both the land and its people. Plants and animals were the first to become corrupted. Fungus sprouted from vegetation and gave them sentience. Animals grew extra limbs, heads, and grew to extraordinary sizes. Then the people fell ill. Some thought it was from the plague brought about by Doctor Blight. Others thought perhaps it was from the poisonous gases that seeped from the fissures near the volcano. Whatever it was, those who survived the sickness were changed. They mutated, grew stronger, and were filled with an uncontrollable rage. Some were unable to control that rage and went on murderous rampages. Others fought to maintain their sanity long enough to protect their family, friends, and neighbors from themselves. They fled into the Jade Thicket, where they became as feral as the wild animals of the continent. The people of Praetoria referred to them as Radiated Brutes.




The Radiated Brute is a common card of the Chaos Legion edition. It is a interesting card, as it only costs 5 Mana, has 2 Melee Damage and has the "Reach" ability, allowing it to attack from the second position in battle. Throughout its evolution, it also acquires the "Enrage" ability and its stas increase a little, mainly in Speed.

There are two rulesets that I believe this card fits especially well:

Up Close and Personal
Rise of the Commons

The first one for an obvious reason. With only Melees allowed, the Radiated Brute becomes much more useful, as the "Reach" attack increases your team's sources of Damage per round.

The second rule is.. uhn.. even more obvious ūüėÖ.Despite being an interesting card, it is a common card and of course there are rare, epic and legendary cards with better stats and abilities. While in certain situations it is still preferable to those, in a battle with only Common and Rare cards allowed, her relative potential is much higher.

In addition to these two rules, I also think that rules like Reverse Speed or Aim True are good for this card, as it doesn't have that much Speed ‚Äč‚Äčand can be rendered useless in higher level battles due to its fragility.

And the worst rule is probably the Back to Basics, since without its abilities, the stats of this card alone are not that good, not worth using it.



This battle was limited to using 23 Mana. As it occurred after the Season reset, I was at a very low rating and there were no specific rules, being able to use any Splinter.

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PLADO EMBERSTORM: Since I wanted to use a Melee composition, this card was perfect for that, increasing the Melee Damage and Speed ‚Äč‚Äčof my Monsters and reducing the opponent's HP for a cost of only 5 Mana.

ANTOID PLATOON: I was expecting my opponent to use Ranged or Melee Monsters, so the "Shield" ability would be enough for this card to resist in first position.

RADIATED BRUTE: As it has the "Reach" ability, its greatest effectiveness is in the second position. With the increased Damage and Speed ‚Äč‚Äčgranted by Plado, Radiated Brute has become an even stronger card.

RADIATED SCORCHER: This card was chosen only because it is also Radiated. I mean, I have 1 mana left and I needed a "tank" card to protect my backline if necessary. And with the Plado's buff, this card got great stats for the cost of 1 Mana.

TENYII STRIKER: Because it has the "Sneak" ability, this card can also attack outside of first position. So very good for this battle.

SERPENTINE SPY: The last card to deal Damage, with the "Opportunity" ability optimizing its attacks.

SCORCH FIEND: As I had a spot on my team, this legendary card costing 0 Mana was the best to be in the last position and take the hits of any enemy Monster with the "Sneak" ability, protecting the Serpentine Spy.



Even though my opponent used a lot of Melee Monsters, Antoid Platoon wasn't very effective as they were focusing the attack on the backline with "Sneak". Furthermore, the Serpentine Spy was quickly destroyed and also unable to utilize its potential due to the "Shield" granted by the Drake of Arnak.

So it was an tough battle that was decided by the Radiated Brute and TenyII Striker attacks at the limit, as both were left with only 1 HP. We can say that my Melee brute attack strategy worked, but barely.



Yes, it's a card I use a lot when I play with Fire Splinter. It has decent stats and a very useful ability, as well as a reasonable mana cost, so it can perform well in many games with different rules.


Well, that's all for today! I hope you liked it!

Thanks and See Ya Later!

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