Tactical tips - Explosive Weaponry


In this new series of posts I will share with you all kinds of tips related with one battle condition. These tips can represent tactical advice but also personal thoughts about which kind of summoners, or creatures... can suit better to increase every single player's WinRate. With the new reward system coming for the next season, WinRate will be an important factor as the best that you perform in your first daily matches, the better your rewards will be. For this first battle, I have chosen one of my favorite battle conditions: Explosive Weaponry. Hope you enjoy it!

Explosive Weaponry

This battle condition gives all the monsters the blast ability on their attacks. This bonus can be analyzed with your army as a whole group, understanding that every attack will hit their neighbors. So a Snipe or Opportunity attack will hit 3 creatures if the target is in position 2 or 5, and a sneak attack will hit positions 5 and 6. Every summoner has to think of his whole army as a group and try to guess how his/her opponent will try to take profit from this ruleset. Normally, an unbalanced army facing this battle condition will melt as fast as ice in the summer sun. Resistances like Void and Shield turn very important as they act like firewalls stopping blasting damage. Also striking first is always a got first step towards victory. I will post you some battles that show clearly the tips that I've mentioned


Always consider Magic

Magic is a great damage source to consider when talking about Blast Damage for two main reasons: first of all, ignores armor, and second, not all creatures have access to Magic Armor or Void Armor (these abilities are great ones to have). In the example that follows, I will show you an epic victory with my Obsidian LVL 1 vs a Sloan LVL 4, showing that this game is more about understanding every battle condition and taking maximum profit from it.

  1. First of all, my front damage had 7 magic which is a great decent amount for a 19-mana battle.
  2. Mycelia armor bonus is a safety Airbag. Always helping for that extra damage incoming.
  3. Although my opponent got much better cards than me (take a look at the magic reflection killing Goblin Psychic on the first turn), I could manage to take a victory. A one that always feels much greater as was a David vs Goliath. Hope you enjoy


Incoming Damage control

As I have told you earlier, you have to think of the whole army as a group. Explosive Weaponry is the most important battle where you have to imagine how all sources and incoming positions of damage will affect you. If your opponent focuses and attacks you at a weak point you will be lost. The most important questions are: Am I prepared for Magic damage? How will special attacks like sneak and opportunity affect my team? To explain better this mental process I bring an example of my last brawl:


  1. In this kind of battle Wave Brood and Spirit Hoarder make a great team, even from level 1, controlling all incoming damage and receiving +4 health per turn.
  2. I always put Oshannus in 5th to cut all incoming magic blasting damage, which most of the time turns to 0 thanks to his magic resistance.
  3. I love Nerissa as Offtank as she helps melt enemy frontline while she resists incoming thanks to her huge amount of HP. Hope you enjoy

So I hope that these tips work and increase your win rate battle. We see in the Arena my friends!


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