My Splinterlands's investment plan


In this post I will explain which steps I have decided to do towards my evolution as a Splinterlands player: Tournaments. Hope you enjoy it!

Last day I attended the Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - on May 9th, 2022 and they came with some hot news:

  1. Validator nodes expected from late May: although I've not the budget to get a Validator Node, they will impact directly the resources that I've got (SPS and Voucher), so the good news is they will be released soon!
  2. New cards - they announced a set of 12 new cards that will be released with the new reward system (expected by early / mid-June)
  1. New Ability announced - Reflect Shield! - Maybe a game-changer? All 12 new creatures will have it?


You've got all the information in the link. It's amazing all the effort that the executive staff of this wonderful game invested to be transparent and send clear messages to all communities. All the luck in the world guys! Your's will be ours!

Assets investment

One thing that has been told again and again from the executive team, is that they want people that believe (invest) in the game. Splinterlands has been the game that has introduced me to Web 3.0, and I believe how is evolving in this world. Maybe they don't go as fast as one would like. But in my mother language (Catalan) there's a say - anaven poc a poc perquè an aven molt lluny that means more or less, they were walking slowly because their journey was far. I work in the operations and IT world as a professional, and sometimes in projects, people get obsessed with following a calendar, when the wise decision is to move things forward a do things right. I am sure that this is the Splinterlands case.

Why tournaments?

Tournaments summarize all that I want from a game. I have never been a professional player. But I am a hard gamer, I love analyzing tactics and improving myself as a player. Watching a video from my Yankee friend @hawks21 I've discovered where I want to be. There are some tournaments hosted by Splinterlands that allow learning while competing and have no penalty as everyone is rewarded with its entrance fee - @sps.tournaments


So where I am? I've managed to get assets as far:

  1. SPS: Got 2,9k - Need to acquire 1,8k - that is 160$ at the price of today. I will make a serious think about it! Not that much! If I do the investment I can get around 24% APR today from the final drop!
  2. Card power: Although in the picture it only shows that I've got around 6k power, I am a bit better than that, because I've got 14k rented out. Need to acquire 30k more in Chaos Legion cards (I discard untamed and dice). It's a pity that reward cards are not accepted but I can understand it as they would like to increase the demand for paid cards (not rewarded by quest ones). I will take profit of the dip.

Thanks for reading! I would like thank the help I've received from great people like @luizeba, @michupa and @dynamicrypto supporting my latest post and of course, our leader @jim-crypto


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