Million on Mars: (Land Rush)


Have you ever dreamed about leading martian terraforming and being part of a real circular economy game? If you are a Sci-Fi fan and enjoy #play2earn games that require you to do your best in production and market management, this is your opportunity come true.

Million on Mars: Land Rush (Land Rush) is a real-time strategy game where you can craft your settlement on a unique piece of Mars! Acquire plots of land and install buildings, plant crops, produce energy, filter water, and build an empire of “Dusk,” our in-game virtual currency.
Land Rush is play-to-earn on the WAX blockchain. To play the game you need a WAX wallet. You can create a WAX cloud wallet at
First, you’ll want to buy a “Land Rush Player Access Pack” on AtomicHub. You can check for deals in the marketplace, or if they’re scarce, head over to NeftyBlocks and pick one up for about USD 10. Make sure to go through the pack opening to unwrap the access badge NTT inside!
You might also want to buy some land packs, supply packs, and building blueprint packs, but you can start playing right away with just the Access Badge.

Game running in the WAX blockchain

WAX Cloud Wallet is an NFT-focused wallet for use on the WAX blockchain. It can be used on desktop and mobile for collecting and trading NFTs easily. WAX (short for the Worldwide Asset eXchange) is a blockchain focusing on digital assets and collectibles. NFTs, blockchain games, and collectibles are the main focus areas of this blockchain and the WAX Wallet is the solution for holding and trading them on the blockchain.
Creating an account in the WAX Wallet is very easy and can be done in many ways. You can create an account using your credentials from famous social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, for example. Or simply create an account using an email and password. Follow the steps below to create an account in the WAX Wallet:

Go to the all-access website of the wallet:


Registering & buying an Access Pack

Once you've got your Wax Account created it's time to register into Million on Mars! I leave here my referral just in case you want to give me a helping hand! Once the user is created link your Wax Account in the top right window and you are done!

Basic access packs are sold for 10$ on NeftyBlocks, BUT I do recommend buying Premium Access pack for 20$). You'll get your first land plot and some buildings that will help you in your adventure on Mars!


Important!! To access the game you have to open the pack first!

First steps & Basic Game Play

These are the main indicators of the game:


  • Cells / Energy: everything on Earth is about energy, that wouldn't be different on Mars. You need energy for your buildings to manufacture products, you need the energy to prepare your scavenge tools. Energy is captured from Solar Stations and is one of the most profitable resources for beginners.
  • Food / Water: They are used mainly to generate Stamina (purple indicator). Food is produced in the Greenhouse and Water in the Water Filters.
  • Stamina: Stamina allows you to perform actions. Actions allow you to generate income in Dusk (the game currency).
  • Dusk: the amount of Dusk that your player has available.


The two main actions that a beginner player has to do every 4 hours if possible are to Eat Snack (consumes 30 Food and 10 Water) and drink a Slava Ukraine (coffee in honor of the Ukrainian country), which costs a brewed coffee (a secondary product that can be bought in the market). These two actions generate Stamina, which can be used, either to do jobs or to scavenge the Martian ground.

Job Market

All about jobs has suffered a rebuild that tries to ease the job market. Once you get into the Job Market, select the kind of job you want to perform, set the Dusk ratio to one (you will be novice level), and select the amount of stamina that you want to spend. I recommend the Electrical and Mining family.


This is one of your most important actions. You have to plan to invest part of the dusk that you generate in acquiring primary goods that will allow you to generate more stamina and perform more actions. In the example that follows, I see the price evolution of Food:


In this part, you can see my two claimed land plots of the Martian surface. In the one selected it shows 5 buildings working in primary goods generation (Solar Panel for energy - needs empty cells, C.A.D. for soil used in the Greenhouse for growing Lettuces that generate food, and my loved Water Filter - used for the lettuces also and to generate stamina with food.

Since the update of the end of April, it is more difficult to begin the game without the Premium pass. I recommend building it for a better experience in the game. I leave you my discord if you need any kind of help. Cheers and we see on Mars



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