Ultimate Guide on Earning Crypto with Splinterlands : Part 1 of 3


#Splinterlands is the largest #Play2Earn game in a very young industry. If you aren't familiar with Play2Earn gaming, it is essentially any game that allows you to earn in-game assets which can be exchanged for real world currency.

Splinterlands falls into this category because you can earn cryptocurrency (SPS, DEC) and NFT assets (cards). One of the greatest advantages that Splinterlands has over other Play2Earn games (besides the fact that they've been around since 2018) is that there are a variety of ways to earn that don't necessarily require you to play the game. Even though the gameplay is amazing and my favorite part of Splinterlands, if you aren't into the game you can still participate in the growing economy.

I'll be writing a 3 part guide on the different ways to earn.

Part 1 will cover all the ways of earning from actively playing the game
Part 2 will cover ways to invest in the game for passive income
Part 3 will cover all other aspects of earning that aren't necessarily gameplay related

Part 1. Earning Through Active Play


Obviously, with this being a Play2Earn game, the first way to earn is by simply playing the game. Compared to other Play2Earn games, Splinterlands only requires a $10 investment into the Spellbook. This allows you to play the game with the "starter" set of cards which you will not be able to sell or trade. Additionally, it allows you to earn rewards in the game.

Although $10 is the minimum to get started, it is much easier to grow your account if you invest a bit more into better cards through purchasing or even renting.

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So, now that you have the Spellbook, how do you actually start to earn crypto?

Earning through gameplay comes from 5 main avenues which all require you to learn how to play the game.

  1. Winning ranked battles
  2. Completing daily quests
  3. End of season reward chests
  4. Placing in tournaments
  5. Climbing the leaderboard

1. Ranked Battle Play


Splinterlands players are separated into 6 different Leagues based on their card Collection Power (CP) and their Rating. From order of lowest ranking to the highest, you have Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Champion.

In order to advance from one league to the next, you have to increase your Collection Power and your Rating.


Collection Power is the sum of the power of all cards that you own are rented to you. The power for each card can be found by looking through the Cards tab. Rating is determined by how well you are playing (wins). Take the example above. Silver III requires a Rating between 1,000 and 1,299 with a Collection Power of at least 15,000.


My current Rating is 2,039 and my Collection Power is 70,585. Since my Rating and Collection Power are both high enough for Silver I, that is my current league. As you can see, my Rating is actually over the 1,899 limit for Silver I but yet I am not promoted to the next level which is Gold.


As you can see, the required power for Gold III is at least 100,000 Power. Since I only have 70,585, I do not qualify for the Gold league.

So why does your league matter?

The league that you play in determines what you can earn as a reward for playing ranked battles. You must graduate past the Novice and Bronze III levels in order to begin earning DEC for each win. Once you are promoted to Bronze II (400+ rating, 1,000+ power), DEC will be given for winning battles.


Every League and every level within the League will affect how much DEC you earn per win. For example, in Bronze I, you may receive 1 DEC for defeating an opponent but in Gold III, a win might be worth 10 DEC. Bonuses are also rewarded if you have a win streak, use certain cards, or are part of a guild (such as the #THGaming guild).


Personally, it is important for me to remain above the Bronze league as I feel it offers a significant jump in both DEC rewards and chest rewards which I'll explain below.

2. Completing Daily Quests


The second way to earn in Splinterlands is by completing your daily quests. Once every 23 hours, you'll be presented with an objective that you must meet if you want to earn the chest rewards.

Possible Daily Quests

Earth Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Earth Splinter.
Water Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Water Splinter.
Fire Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Fire Splinter.
Death Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Death Splinter.
Life Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Life Splinter.
Dragon Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Dragon Splinter.
No Neutral Quest - Win 3 ranked battles without any Neutral cards.
Sneak Quest - Win 5 ranked battles using at least 1 card with the Sneak ability.
Snipe Quest - Win 5 ranked battles using at least 1 card with the Snipe ability.

By completing these quests, you'll receive a set of chest rewards with an amount corresponding to the league that you are in.


Each chest also has a chance of receiving different assets depending on the league that you're in. Rewards can be potions, credits, DEC, cards, or even a booster pack of cards (currently a Chaos Legion Pack).


As you can see, not only do you receive more chests as you get into the higher leagues but you also get a higher chance of getting better rewards. For example, starting at Silver III, you have a 50% chance of receiving a card! In Silver I, I am opening 4 chests a day so I'm receiving about 2 cards a day on average just for completing my daily quest.

3. End of Season Rewards


End of season is like Christmas for all the Splinterlands players. It happens about once every 2 weeks and you receive a set amount of chests (same as the daily rewards) based on your league at the end of the season.


On the right column, you can see how many end of season rewards you get depending on your league. In my league (Silver I), I am getting 18 chests every season. These chests have the same drop rate as the daily chests so I can expect about 9 cards on average. So over the course of a 14 day season, I can expect 2 cards a day and 9 at the end or about 23 cards in total. Packs are also another sought after prize that are worth $4 when purchased through the store or about $3 on the 3rd party market.

You can choose to do whatever you want with those assets, since they're yours! I choose to hold and play with my cards but you may decide to sell them and find other ways to invest in the game (or even cash out).

4. Tournaments


Tournaments are pretty straight forward. They're located under the Events tab and require an entry fee to participate. Prizes can be DEC, SPS, or even other crypto assets depending on what the tournament host decides. Some even have card prizes.


There are usually specific requirements for entering the tournament and you will be matched up, bracket style. The battles will be very similar to the ranked battles with the exception of card and level specific rules setup by the tournament host.

5. Climbing the Leaderboard

The final way to earn crypto is by shooting for the top of the leaderboard. This is probably the hardest part of the game as there are many great players all trying to get to the top. Below is an example of the Silver League leaderboard and the prizes that are on the table.


For Silver, top 25 get DEC rewards ranging from 4,000 DEC to 40,000 DEC depending on placement.

To place on the leaderboard, you simply need to have a very high rating and the collection power to support the league that you're in (15,000 CP to be considered for the Silver leaderboard).


Although, I didn't cover exactly how to battle or the strategy (that is another post by itself), I hope this part of the guide has helped some of you get a grasp for the different ways to earn crypto by battling. My next two parts will cover ways to earn that don't require you to play the game at all!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

If you would like, you can use my referral code below and I can send you a few cards to get you started. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll try to help!

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