My Splinterlands Journey #6: Finally Some CL Packs!


In this report I compare my earning from my last played season (#6) with the one I got in the previous one (#5): this way I can keep track of my account's growth and, at the same time, give new players an idea on how much they can expect to earn if they start playing Splinterlands.

Here you can find my previous report (#5).

For reference, my Collection Power is 41125, my staked SPS are 560.369 and my DEC balance is 44619.

A season lasts for roughly 15 days and I play in Silver League.

Now, let's start!


Max Rank: n. 738 - Silver League I 2103 (Modern Format)

This time I played 408 matches, focusing only on the Modern format, as I have very few of the older cards and I can take advantage of the lower CP requirements.

At an average of 1.20 minutes per match, I played for roughly 544 minutes in total, which leads to 36 minutes of playtime per day.


Reward Chests Dailies Season Total 💲Token
Legendary Potions 20 12 32 🟡 1280
Alchemy Potions 34 22 56 🟡 2800
DEC 588 358 - 🟣 946
CREDITS 0 0 - 🟡 0
Merits 71 38 - 🎀 109
CHAOS Packs 2 1 3 🟡 12000
Cards (Total) 36 18 54 🟣 1045
Cards (Gold Foil) 2 2 4 🟣 1250


This season I got rewards worth 4620 DEC (excluding potions and merits):
  • 2295 DEC from 58 cards
  • 946 DEC from chests
  • 1379 DEC from 237 ranked wins


In the previous season I got rewards worth 4621 DEC (excluding potions and merits):
  • 2505 DEC from 61 cards
  • 1500 DEC from chests
  • 616 DEC from 241 ranked wins

Increase in earnings: 0% (-1 DEC) + 3 CL packs.

This time my earnings are suprisingly stable, basically identical to the ones I got in the previous season... but there are 3 Chaos Legion packs! And these add a lot of value, even if, in the end, I didn't find any interesting card (only common and rare cards, without summoners... d'oh!).

For the next season I'm planning to stay in Silver, as usual: I don't think I'm ready for the Gold League yet... rental prices some days are extremely high and it wouldn't be easy rent all the cards I need to get good results in Gold.


Type DEC (fees)
Revenue 1475.932 (70.312)
Expenses (97.454)
Cancellation Refunds 46.906
NET 1355.072

This probably was the last season where I had to manually manage my rentals, as I recently started using the Rental Golem by, which lets you auto-rent your unused cards: if the results of the bot will be in line with what I was able to achieve manually... well, that would be great, as I used to check my rentals many times a day and I would love to save so much time!


Type ⭐ Amount Claimed
Airdrop 0.000
Staking Rewards 4.263
NET SPS 4.263
+ Voucher Drops 0.346 🎟️


This season I got 4.263 SPS.


In the previous season I got 44.857 SPS SPS.

Increase in earnings: -90%

No more SPS Airdrop means my only source of income for SPS is staking, at least until SPS will replace DEC in both ranked matches wins and chests rewards.

Another report is over: time to see how much I've earned since I started this series of posts.

Keep in mind that the value of the cards is generally higher than their "burn" value in DEC: that's why I won't put the equivalent of what I earned in USD, as this could be determined only after having sold those assets.

By the way, if you are really curious about how much I earned in USD... keep scrolling and see if my monthly recap is available!


  • 6145 DEC from 259 cards
  • 4203 DEC from daily and season chests
  • 2930 DEC from 1427 ranked wins
  • 279.838 SPS


  • 878 DEC from 37 cards
  • 600.4 DEC from chests
  • 418.6 DEC from 204 ranked wins
  • 39.977 SPS


August 2022

month in progress...

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