My presentation: Nanouche the adventurer

Hi all hiviean friends, I am nanouche the adventurer,
I want to present myself and share some of my adventures:

  • My real name is Iris from Quebec, as the floral

as per the Flag and Emblems of Quebec


  • My nickname nanouche is inspired by a heroine of a famous Tintin album
TinTin AlbumNanouche

My passions a trial culture

  • My mother, a cartoon designer, is originally from Canada and lived between the West and the East. I would make you discover these wonderful countries and their contrasts in my adventures.
  • My father, from india, was an oriental businessman in finance, trade and export

I grew up with the trial culture of comic strips, **travel **and finance,

My passions are numerous, but they all have discovery and adventure in common.

From my adventures and my social relations - I learned to know myself from the inside out, how to coached (or to be coached), and to accept constructive criticism, how to assess, adjust and improve? and most importantly to follow my passions.

Why I'm Here

I'm a meme lover



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