Survive and Harvest a Better Tomorrow || #APART - A Picture and A Reggae Tune


Sometimes it may seem like nothing is going your way. Your surroundings are dim and you're staring into the abyss. And when you take all of that in while in a negative state of mind, it's not uncommon to not see any bright side. No resources seem useful, if you even bother to identify those resources. Tools that might help you better yourself, or at least hold on till a better future comes along. Defend the fort, or in this case your sanity and emotional wellbeing at all cost.

Much like this tomato hanging on for dear life, one can use the tools still available to survive. This tomato knows the plant it was once a part of will not grow anymore, and yet it holds on. Only for it to be eaten by me, so that analogy doesn't work quite that well, but you get the point. Fascinating though how nature works. Both plants next to each other were affected by the same sickness, and yet the one with the fruit is visibly more shriveled up and dry then the one without fruit. As if the plant knew it had to put all of it's remaining energy in preserving that one hope of propagation and survival.

In the Irie world of Reggae songs there are many about survival, but Eric Donaldson's Survival tune is a interesting one to listen to. Singing about holding on and waiting till the "day of harvest" until better days come, he portrays what it means to be in survival mode. The tune also gives me some African vibes, but I'm not so sure why.

But I'll get on my feet again
Ride on a wave to happiness

#APART is an initiative by the IRIE down-to-earth people at the ReggaeJAHM Community where you share a picture alongside a Reggae tune the picture reminds you of.

Check out this post for more info on #APART and join the movement. 🙃

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