Do Things That are Worth It || Twice, Thrice or Whenever you Feel Like It || Grattitude 🍃 #APART - A Picture and A Reggae Tune


Last week I got to recreate my Hive profile picture. This is a unique opportunity since it takes about 5 hours of bus travel over rocky roads, 3 hours of small wooden boat travel and an hour of walking through the forest to get there.

It's been about 5 years since the original one was taken. And looking at this new one gives me a refreshing perspective on life. Especially with everything going on in the world now. Appreciating the situation you're in and the opportunities you have is not always as clear when you don't change it up a bit every now and then and get stuck in some kind of routine. That being said I expect to retake this picture again when the next 5 years have passed, despite the tiring trip, because some things in life are just worth it.

Jah9 explains exactly why doing things that worth it are, well.. worth it.

Gratitude is fuel for the actions I partake in

#APART is an initiative by the IRIE down-to-earth people at the ReggaeJAHM Community where you share a picture alongside a Reggae tune the picture reminds you of.

Check out this post for more info on #APART and join the movement. 🙃

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