Something is fishy


Greetings reggaemuffins, food lovers and all hivers. By now you should all know that I heart ❤️ chicken with a capital Passion.

Obviously during the week I had too much and my palate cried out for a change. I heeded the call and pop over to our local fish place.


It was colorful as usual with all kinds of fish and it’s by products.
I picked up some salmon and sardines aka sprat in Jamaica 🇯🇲.

What to do with this salmon?
Nice and easy does it.



1.Dice the salmon into bite size cubes

  1. Season with jerk powder and any herbs you like / I used some Cajun spices for a bit of a kick.

  2. Add a piece of salted butter in a frying pan . Throw in your salmon

  3. Sear it , then add your veges. I used dried garlic and onions. Added some green onion, fresh paprika and carrots.
    This takes just a few minutes and Bob’s your uncle. Dinner is ready.


Had to make my plate beautiful so I added some avocado, sesame seeds , sweet chili sauce, hot pepper sauce to the side. Throw in some lettuce for extra health and beauty. To top it off I did a similar thing to sprats.


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