New DJ Mixer "Mixars Duo MK2" & Serato DJ

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What's Good Reggaejahm & Hive!

Long time i was "crying" about my old Penny & Giles
Crossfader for my Rane DJ Mixer, that wasn't moving
smooth anymore & that they don't reproduce anymore,
even though "they said" they would.... whatever...

Inflation is on the way... i took an opportunity and a good price to invest in
a new DJ Mixer with integrated Cue Points & Effects,
also to create more content ;)

The Mixars Duo MK2 has Serato Integrated

On my old "Serato Scratch" you had this extra Box with
all cables running external Soundcard/Interface.
Now it's all integrated in the Mixer, and you have more space
on your table. Nice.

Real Mixes...

...are on the way. Today i give you the live-optic/view holding the camera
in one hand while i present to you the Mixer and it's features with
the other. Enjoy! My Bredda @dmilliz is checking the sound from 3:30 min...😉🇯🇲

Soon come! Bless Up

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