Dreaming of the beach - photo and reggae song

Hello Reggaejahm community, it's good to be able to rejoin. I make this publication after some months without publishing from the community using the APART initiative that @dmilliz presented a few months ago, I think it's a good idea to be able to present an image and relate it to a song...

So, here's a picture to share:


Image of my autorship

I'd like to say that I caught this picture lying on the sand under those palms, while I was listening to a good reggae and drinking a cold beer on a beach in the Colombian Caribbean, while the sun warms everything up, but the breeze refreshes you...


Image of my autorship

uuf, I'd love to be able to say that, but no, it's really a picture I captured in the city of Bogota, with about 14 degrees of temperature, so I had a thick coat on and of course, wearing a mask so I don't get a fine for not wearing it he, he, he

But even so, this reality is still to be enjoyed, it is what we have, and what we will continue to have for a while longer. It is up to us to take care of ourselves, but, the idea is to be able to relate the image with some song, here I bring one that I particularly like, because of the message, because I am also a little tired of some lies, and I think it is pertinent that we can be the most sincere with ourselves in the middle of all this reality.

The song that I bring to share is True To Myself by the singer Ziggy Marley, it's a little old now, it was presented to the public in April 2012, but, I think that a song that talks about believing in yourself is still valid, one that invites you to be faithful to yourself, in short, that leads you to seek your freedom.

Here I leave the video:

Ziggy Marley- True To Myself

For more information about Jamaican singer Ziggy Marley, eldest son of Rita Marley and Bob Marley, here are the links to his website and social networks:


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