#DashOutSunday Initiative: Enjoying my last days in Bogotá with my mom and my mother-in-law

Hello Reggaejahm community, today I come with another entry within the initiative #DashOutSunday, in the that we can share if we have gone out on the weekend to a restaurant or if instead we have prepared some special food at home, so let's start.

My mother and my mother-in-law have been in Bogotá since last December, but this week, next Friday, they return to Venezuela, so there are few days left for my wife and me to share with them. This weekend, we decided to go out and eat something (not healthy but tasty) with them 😁


Image of my AutorShip / Edited in canva

This time we went to a small but nice restaurant where we know that the food they prepare is very good, and this time we went at 6 pm to have dinner there.

We recommend eating hamburgers, because they are special in that place, particularly the meat with mushrooms, it is not something that they prepare anywhere, at least not around here, so from time to time you have to give yourself certain tastes, so take advantage to try them.


Image of my autorship

We took the opportunity to capture an image in which the 4 of us were, to immortalize the moment, in addition, by sharing it here on the Blockchain and it is evident that I have really immortalized it📸

In the following image, on the left, my wife with her mother, and on the right, my mother and me.


Before saying goodbye, today, February 14, I want to wish you all a great day of love and friendship, I send you all a big hug from Bogota.

Take care of yourselves, happy week. Let's keep building.

Note: Images of my authorship captured with my phone Redmi Note 8.



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