I Need A Roof Over My Head! #APART


The busy times have found me again, you might have noticed my posting streak has suddenly been broken. Such is life, but let me grab a little time to do an APART post.

Recently, owning a home has been on my mind. Most if not all of the people I went to school with are well on their way and diligently paying off mortgages. There seems to be this pressure for many to own a home to call their own. But man, the truth is it can be some scary shit to get entangled in a 30/40 year loan unless you were well off from the start, are in a secure job, or living from a place of unwavering "every little ting, is gonna be alright" faith!

Having a good friend that works in a city office here also added to that fear. He usually tells me stories of the elderly coming into the city office each and everyday to complain about the low pension they are receiving and the fact that they cannot pay off their house loans. What ends up happening is that many sell their houses for a less than it is valued to pay off the loan and live in a government subsidized property or pay rent at an old school Japanese property. The thing is, if they falter on that loan, the property becomes that of the bank, and the remained of the loan still has to be paid off. So I guess the lucky ones in this situation are the ones who can sell the houses and get something more affordable.


But enough of the negative story and what happens to others. Let us talk about you and I. As I have mentioned time and time again, I would love my first loan to be used to purchase/ build a small apartment building, with around 6 units.

I would live in two attached units with my family and rent the other 4 out. I would do it in such a way that the tenants wont even know I own the property. The way I see it, if I am getting a loan for something, it should be for something that makes more money. But banks rarely want to lend money for such ventures, they would rather lend you the money to build a house that they can quickly call their own if you mess up. Ah, I got negative again.

But What if

We made enough money in crypto to one day pay down/ or pay off your house, like say 50%-70%? Or the entire cost in full? These opportunities are here and only available to the average person via crypto. It is indeed the biggest opportunity of our lifetime and many are beginning to wake up to that fact. If you are here on HIVE and own a couple other solid cryptos, you are well ahead of 98.9% of the world.

I am not saying depend on crypto to make your dreams come true, but this opportunity is HUGE! But money, that can come from anywhere if we do things in a certain way.

Oh the picture of the house...
I took those a week ago, I went to look on a house maker's latest model unit and asked if they built apartment buildings. The sales agent said it was the first time someone ever asked that question. She also said it is probably possible.

Will it be the apartment building being paid off by tenants, or a big place of my own to call home without the extended loan. I am thinking both. All I know is...

I need a roof, over my head🎼


The Mighty Diamonds - I need a Roof, Rehersal Session, Mellow Mix Studio, London 2003


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