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Aloha from Japan via a yaad man! It’s been a minute since I did a #dashoutSunday. What is DashOut Sunday? Simply sharing some dish you prepared or bought over the weekend or just sharing some things you did. Dash out means to throw out or reveal.


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The anniversary Lunch DashOut


On Saturday my wife and I celebrated 7 years of marriage, it was actually on September 9th, but no time to celebrate then. We decided to go the 'Konas Cafe", again, I love the food here and the atmosphere is nice. Also, at some point we wanna live in Hawaii, so I guess this is tasting the dream.

This cafe is usually packed and hard to get into, especially if you go at noon which we did. It had a modest crowd and I guess the pandemic is the reason, luckily we got seated as soon as we went in. We ordered a wakamole ( Edit guacamole 🥑) appetizer which wasn't bad. The only thing is there was much more chips than dip and the appearance of the dip bowl was deceiving as there was another plastic bowl in the metallic one.

I had the calorie king type stuff as usual; pancakes, fries and chicken. Actually, the only reason I ordered this was because my wife wanted fries.They serve the crispy thin type. The only thing I didn't like about this dish was that it had tartar sauce. Why the hell would someone put that awful tasting crap in a dish...on top of pancakes? 🤮 But hey, you live and you learn. I just scraped it to the side. 😀


My wife had a "summer special" green curry with coconut ( doesn't green curry always have coconut in it?). That sounds more Thai than Hawaiian to me but I realize this cafe is appealing to the island vibes. I hope to see jerk chicken on the menu at some point, I guess I will ask the manger the next time I visit which might be a year from now.

The green curry with coconut was really good and healthy unlike my dish. It had avocado, bamboo shoots, sweet peppers, cabbage and grilled chicken. this was actually what I should have got but I guess we needed that dessert balance.



That Hawaiian Vibe


As I said before I like the atmosphere of this cafe. The figures of Hula/ Hukilau dancers, the other toys and trinkets, the patterns on the furniture and the choice of wood. Everything is in place to make you feel like you are in Hawaii. But I guess when I actually go to Hawaii, it will be nothing like this 😆.

What I also like about this place is that no seating arrangement is the same ( well except for the counter seats), not the table nor the chairs, everything is different and has its own appeal. The indoor plants also add to that island vibe. (Have you noticed that many people have been loving their indoor plants recently and buying them like crazy? I guess Rona did that.)




For some reason, almost every cafe in Japan has a Blue Mountain Coffee barrel as a kind of decoration, but they never actually have the coffee. False advertising? IDK, but I have gotten used to it and stopped asking if they offer the best coffee in the world 😉.


Here I leave you with the summer special menu. As you can see, none of this stuff is Hawaiian, but I understand the business logic. Not everyone wants to eat hamburgers, pancakes and Loco Moco all the time. So they have to appeal to the asian taste. I wish they would have more BBQ type dishes on the menu as that is my image of Hawaiian food. If you have been to Hawaii, let me know what foods you tried. If you haven't, let me know your image of Hawaiian food in the comments. Bless Up!


PS: My Sunday morning started with me going on a 1 1/2 hour run/walk to burn off that grease bowl. It was good, it was delicious, but I doubt it was nutritious 😁.

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