Greetings Family,

What a gwaan🇯🇲 ? What have you all been up to? Have you been following the Olympic Games?
Well it’s that time again to self evaluate as I’m at the end of my seventh month on the blockchain.
Highlights for the period ended August 1st ,2021

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ReggaeJahm Tokens44,26152,859+19% Guess What? Yes. I’ve finally passed 50,000 Jahm Tokens. I continue to get great support from @justinparke, @dmilliz, @missaj, @shanibeer, @rarej, @tanjakolader et al at my home base community ReggaeJAHM. All of my tokens in this community are staked.I’m hoping to hit 100K tokens by the end of the year. Hopefully one day the value of these tokens will blast off to space like a rocket🚀.
Engage Tokens10491049There appears to be something wrong with engage tokens. It seems they are not currently transferable. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this.
Hive Power440577+31% Today I powered up 20 Hive for the hive powerup day #HivePUD in an effort to grow my account long term.I also powered up an additional 80 Hive during the month of July. If you’ve seen my celebratory post you would have realized that I’ve finally reached Minnow status and on my way to becoming a dolphin 🐬 though in the distant future. Of course since dolphin is so far away, my goal in the interim is 1000HP by the end of the year.
Upvoted4,1334,577I made 123 posts in the last 7 months (approx 18/mth).Not to be confused with the 1,2,3 performance of the Jamaican athletes in the women’s 100m at the Tokyo Olympics. 😀
Reputation60.4560.7I’m currently in the 60 reputation zone. Increasing reputation gets harder as you go up so I’ll be taking my time to slowly grow my account which will eventually lead to an increase in reputation.
EDS46+50% I now have 6 EDS tokens (passive income) for my involvement in the Saturday Savers Club run by @eddie-earner @susie-saver. The most recent Monday payout I received was .024 Hive.Thank you SSC for the gift that keeps on giving.
SPI19+800% My SPI Tokens have also increased from participation in the Saturday Savers Club. What a great group to keep me accountable and increase my engagement on peakd.I learn something new from my involvement every week.
🧠 Tokens53.1775.51+42% I received a few tokens from proofofbrain. Since then I’ve joined the community and made a few posts so now I try to use the tag as often as I can.
Leo Tokens4.325.75+32% I’ve been trying to read posts in this community and vote on them when I can.

Here is all the Hive I Powered Up this July to August 1.


Have any great advice on how to earn passive income on Hive? Please let me know in the comments below.

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