Parenting Tips from A Jamaican Sister || Bonus Video

Greetings Family,


Today I'm making a post to support my younger sister. She is a stay at home mother of two who is currently homeschooling her children. She also has a background in Counseling Psychology and Information Technology.

Purpose Driven Family
Through her experiences and her desire to help other families, she has decided to start a YouTube channel called Purpose Driven Family.

As my Jamaican sister explains,

I enjoy helping mothers like me, ...          create an atmosphere where children can                 
be safe, healthy happy and strong.

In her first post she is sharing little nuggets on why children may be defiant and what we can do about it.

Check out her video and show her some love.

Let's give our children some attention and spend quality time playing with them.

Stay connected, stay blessed.

Bonus Video: If you saw the pictures from my previous post on Nature's Garden.
Here is a video to get a better view of Suma Rikyu Park.

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